Mac Advocacy

Don't let your friends buy a wintel pet rock before you have them view this collection of Wise Resources. It may not even be too late for you! If you already run Wintel, the years ahead will be filled with bug fixes and upgrades. For your OS and your apps. Within a few years you will have put together, could it be... Windows NT!

Not to mention what it will cost to install more RAM and a nice new hard drive. Throw in the hours of config time you or your con$ultant will put in to make it all stable. By now you are way past the cost of a sexy new Power Mac.

Remember... Healed head good... Bleeding head bad.


  • Macintosh Advocacy from the Mothership.

  • Umberto Eco on DOS v. Mac.

  • John Markoff's Article Published in the New York Times

  • Cary Lu's article Published in the Seattle Times, 6/18/95.

  • Peter Lewis's article Published in the New York Times, 12/13/94.

  • Macintosh - PC compare December 1, 1995 Version.

  • MacCool ver 1.3

  • Benchmarks of the fleet, from Byte Magazine.

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