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World Wide Web sites

Large Mac Web sites and archives

Apple computer Web sites

Info-Mac, UMich, and related Web sites

Mac Web sites with few specific file(s) or file types

Miscellaneous Mac Web sites

Search Engines

Recommended search engines for individual files and programs are strong. Sites that also contain lists of search engines are emphasized. If you are unsure as to which search engines to use check The Guide for Searching the Internet.

| Alta Vista | Archie | ArchiePlex | C|Net's downloadable files search engine | C|Net shareware Search engine | Cusi | DejaNews | Excite | Galaxy | InfoSeek | Inktomi | Lycos | Magellan | Open Text | SavvySearch | WebCrawler | Yahoo |

Archie Servers

List of Hypertext Archie Servers
Suggested archie servers (as of Nov 11, 1996)
Web Archie search engine           Australia (regional server)         New Zealand    Austria     Canada   FUnet, Helsinki, Finland     Germany  Internic, NJ, USA       Israel    Italy       Japan    Korea     Spain     Sweden   Taiwan    Imperial College, UK      ANS archie server, USA     Rutgers University, NJ, USA   SURAnet, College Park, MD, USA       University of Nebraska, USA

Note: "If you're on the Internet, you can "telnet [site name]" and login in as "archie", at which point you'll get basic directions and pointers to other Archie machines." (TidBITSsite-notes.html#130; Gateways 1: Internet) Archie can be used directly either via Anarchie or a unix shell account [type archie at the prompt].

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