Brother Brian Curry, SC, Chairman
Father William Farrugia, School Chaplain
Brother Gary Humes, S.C., Counselor
Ms. Jeannette Maurer, Office Administrator

Along with interest in and care for each of our students, the Guidance Department serves the school community through personal, academic, peer counseling and various programs, some of which are listed here:

Freshman Program Goals:

Transition to high school and to the Msgr. McClancy Community;
Understanding and Evaluation of Individual Learning Styles;

Sophomore Program Goals:

Beginning Career Discernment and Education;
Importance of Extra-Curricular and Volunteer Service Activities;

Junior Program Goals:

PSAT and SAT Preparation, College Choice and Financial Aid Information;

Senior Program Goals:

College Choice and Preparation for Transition to College.

Special Programs:

Four Day Summer Orientation Program for Incoming Freshmen
PSAT Testing for Freshmen (practice), Sophomores, and Juniors
Learning Style Test for Freshman
Career Inventory for Sophomores
College Fair for Juniors
College Night for Junior Parents
College View Program for Juniors and Seniors
Financial Aid Night for Juniors and Seniors
Senior Level College and University Visits and Interviews
Internet Programs for College, Career, and How to Study.

Some advice for Juniors: Juniors and the SAT

Some Useful Links:Guidance Weblinks

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