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Brothers and Students

Brothers and Campus Ministry Volunteers Visit a Local Parish


Summer Programs for High School Students

Summer on Campus for High School Students

Summer Programs for High School Students

Fast Web Summer Programs for High School

New York Internships for High School Students

General Reference and Study Sites...

PBS site

Google Image Internet Search

Dictionary and Reference Sites

NY State Regents Graduation Requirements

Regent Exams

Regents Exams

High School Hub

Research Paper Resources

Free SAT Vocabulary Study


BBC Education Site

Discovery Channel School Site Online

The Humanities Resources Website

Educational Resources Index

College and Career Information, Financial Aid, Scholarships...

McClancy Guidance College Office Links

McClancy Guidance Career Links

College Net College Applications

Princeton Review

Business Week Business Schools

Colleges in the USA

CUNY Transfer Information and Program Planning System

College Online Application Site

College Scholarships


Public Speaking, Literature, Grammar, Writing, Fine Arts....

Television Production for High Schools

Biblomania-Index to Short Stories, Poetry, Fiction

Tips for Writers

Glossary of Literary and Rhetorical Terms

Purdue Writing Lab Handouts

Grammar and Writing Guide

The Great Books

Voice of the Shuttle

Outline of American Literature

Bibliomania's A History of American Literature

Major British and Irish Writers


About Shakespeare

University of Reading's Shakespeare's Globe

Shakespeare's Globe Official Site

Encyclopedia of Myth

Myth Web

Greek and Roman Classic Pages

An Index to Poets

Link Citing in a Research Paper

Brother Brian's British Literature Class Links


Brother John Dunbar's Art History Links

Archive of Art

Archive of Art Women Artists

Art History From the Metropolitan Museum or Art

The Florence Art Guide

The Museum of Modern Art in New York City

Art History Resources on the Web

Dictionary of Art

Web Gallery of Art

National Gallery: The Triumph of Baroque

Yahoo Reference to Art History

World Art Resources

NY School of Visual Arts

Music Resources

Modern Foreign Languages...

Learn English and Foreign Languages Online

Spanish Language

Learnplus Language Courses

Study Spanish

I Love Language Page

Business, Stocks...

The New York Times Business Pages


CBS Marketwatch

Daily Stocks Report

CEO Express

Hoover's Online

The New York Stock Exchange

Science and Math...


The Heart and Circulatory System

The Brain and Spinal Column

NASA Science Links


Science Daily

Molecule of the Month

Human Anatomy Site

Popular Science

Scientific American

Forensic Science Resources

Yahoo Science Index's Periodic Table of Elements

Math Topics

Graphics for Calculus

Ask Dr. Math


Social Studies...

Brother John Dunbar's Current Events and Modern History

BBC Historic Figures

National Geographic Map Machine and Atlas

All About History

HyperHistory Online

Library of Congress Country Studies

Lectric Law Library

Yahoo's Resources for 20th Century History

Encyclopedia of Psychology

Psychology Virtual Library

Classics in the History of Psychology

Psych Central Research Links

Psychology Links

Theology, Scripture Studies, Catholic Sites...

Overview of Catholic Social Teaching


Systematic Theology Links

Catholic Education Resource Links

The Diocese of Brooklyn-Queens

Catholic Church Online

Christian Classics-Fathers of the Church

Catechism of the Catholic Church

The Catholic Pages

Catholic Information Center

NCCB and the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops

The New American Bible

The Divine Office and Liturgical Prayer

The Bible

Resource Pages for Biblical Studies

A Great Parish Information Site

Libraries, The City of New York, Museums..

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Library of Congress

The New York Public Library

The United Nations

The American Museum of Natural History

The Hayden Planeterium/Rose Center

City of New York

Physical Ed, Health, the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, Student Site..

Harvard Medical School Health Site

Mayo Clinic Health Oasis


How Stuff

hot site

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