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This one's all for me! This is the page that everyone expects the other page to be, but isn't. Finally a place to blatantly express myself that no one can tell me different about. Now that that's off my chest, on to the page...

The Pit of Despair Created: March 20, 1996 - Moved: May 18, 1998
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Your Webmaster:

Digital Chris I am the creator of all that you see here. Do not be alarmed, for I am just playing. Once I finish pulling myself together, I can begin to pull everything else together. But for now I must live in my own bizarre vision of The Way Things Are. But I'm not bitter, I'm just dangerous. 8> But seriously, this page (while somewhat strange before) is about to get twisted into some bizarre new form, once I decide what I want to do with it. I added the not fully formed picture of me as a symbol of the changing page. Yeah. That's it. That's the ticket. Oh, BTW, this page also just got gabbier, so deal with it. 8>



For the moment I haven't decided if I want to add any of my own poems to this page yet, but these are some that I find fairly cool. Some of which I've even put to music. If you wanna hear that, you gotta ask nice (or be at DragonCon).



Fencing.Net The Atlanta Fencer's Club is where I learned to fence, but their web page seems to be gone. I started back in 10th grade, so that's been some ungodly number of years now. My main weapon is sabre, with the others on the side. They're listed in the clubs section. Check 'em out!

The Atlanta Knights: Well, they're gone. The page still followed the team, now called Rafales de Quebec. Now it's gone, too. At least we get the Thrashers in '99. What a dumb name...

The Atlanta Thrashers: Not the Official Page. This one's called the Slapshot or some-such. It's still a dumb name...

The Atlanta Thrashers: At long last! The official page! Uh, oh... The name's growin' on me...


Okay, I'll mention it once, and ONCE only. I like to roleplay. There are two types of roleplaying (that can be talked about in general public): Tabletop and Live. My old home page is dedicated to LARPs (Live-Action Role Playing games), and eventually I might make one dealing with tabletops, but as of now, if you want any of that, go to my old page. It's got every game in Atlanta who has a page.
I'm not working for White Wolf anymore. Too busy with work (a real job) and running other games. Guess you can't get away from games...


Yes, this page will have some links to music. However, this will be a small list because I like way too many different types of music. To start with, there's...
The 99-X Cyberpage: Hey, they're a station, and can probably link to a whole lot more music than I can.
The Official No Doubt Home Page: Great band. It's not new anymore either.
Mammoth Records: This used to link directly to Squirrel Nut Zippers, but now they have it set in a frame. 'Course, then you can see the other bands they have...
The Official Cowboy Mouth Home Page: That Jenny Says song keeps getting stuck in my head.
The Changelings: A band from right here in Atlanta.
"Weird Al" for President: Too funny a page to pass up...
The Bobs: An a cappella group. Very funny.
Creative Loafing can also tell what's new.



Now that I know how to do it, I can place thumbnails of pictures on the page to save space. Click on the pictures to see the full size image.

 Chriswith Guitar This is me with my guitar. I'm dressed as Pond, my character at the DragonCon Sabbat game in the band Path of Trees. We were supposed to be a Goth Band, hence the outfit...

 Mummy Yet another Chris-tume.


TV Stuff:

There'll be more stuff in each of these lists as I bother to write down URL's. For now, here's...

 Hands of Time: A truly great page with all sorts of stuff. The Twilight Zone, Anime, on-line literature... Check it out!!

 Space Ghost Coast to Coast: Very funny cartoon talk show. This is the official Cartoon Network page.

 Space Ghost: An unofficial page, but much cooler than the real one...

 Kindred: The Embraced: Based on one of those roleplaying games I'm NOT mentioning. It's off the air now, but I think the page is still there.

 Spoon: The Tick Headquarters: This is a page of links that goes to quotes, sounds, and all sorts of neat Tick junk. There doesn't seem to be an official Tick page. "You take that one, Little Wooden Boy!"

Family Guy: One of the funniest cartoons I've seen in a long time. This is the official page.

 South Park: Comedy Central finally made an official page. It's still not as good as...

 Southzone: South Park Network: An ESPN style South Park page. South Park is that bizarre series that sprouted out of the Spirit of Christmas digital Christmas Card. I'll eventually link to it for those who care.

 Mystery Science Theatre 3000: Also known as MST3K. The K, of course, stands for Karl - the inventor of lightning. Really.

 Comedy Central: Amusing stories and games from the only all-comedy network.

 The Sci-Fi Channel: Lots of neat programming.

 The Anime and Manga Resource List: For those who don't know, anime is the true name of Japanimation, and manga is the comic book form. This is a page of links to all the coolest pages out there on the web.


Movies That Rock!:

Star Wars: What can I say? The undeniably greatest movie trilogy ever just got better! Now there's six of 'em!!!

 Nephew's Star Wars Special Edition Page: Another Star Wars page, with comparisons between new and Old.


Odd Stuff:

There are some things that just don't make sense. I had to create a special place for them...

 Y'all: A bizarre page about the stereotypical South (we aren't all like that!). Funny, but bizarre enough for me to have to create a new section for it. Try the chat room with the southern drawl...


My Thoughts:

Warning: Don't read anything that you don't really want to know! I need some place to vent, and this is it. If you don't want to affect your opinions about me (however good or bad they are) then don't read anything here. I can't even guarantee I truly believe the stuff that's here, just that at one point I thought about it. Things here are more likely to give you the wrong impression about me than the right one. You have been warned...

Added Warning! These pages are old, and I've not had time to update them. They've just been moved straight from Xoom to Mindspring, and I haven't seen them in so long I don't even know what's in 'em.




No, this ain't another TV show... Since I had everybody set up on the old page, I'm just moving the link to this page. So, here it is. Besides, most of them are Dark and Evil, so they deserve to remain on a black page. They'll feel much more at home.

 OK, so this page is black now, too. So SUE me!  

Alright, if you want to talk to me, you can get me at