School still sucks, but I'm still on course to graduating! An amazing feat, considering the things that've been going on in my social life. This whole school thing had me so scared I'd numbed myself to all pain, just waiting for the day when my grade report came in. And it wasn't half-bad. 8> In case anyone's wondering why this is such a big deal to me, I've left the old rant at the bottom here to inform the newcomers of what was up.

 Incidently, I still want to know everything there is to know, and I still think the school system is messed up, but at least for the moment, I'm happy. 8>


The Old Rant

School sucks, to begin with. A majority of your life taken up to learn things that you will not even get a lifetime to use. Don't get me wrong, knowledge is important. I'm on a quest to learn everything there is to know (I know that can't really happen) but I don't believe that the way it's currently gone about is the right way. I don't know how I'd change it, but I know I would. Some of my classes are great, and some make me feel like worthless dirt. No class should ever make you feel like you are sub-human scum. And up until about two days ago (the 3rd of November) I actually still cared about school. Now I can honestly say I don't. What's the point of getting a high GPA, when all you need is to pass to get a diploma? Your GPA only affects you getting into more schooling. For those of us where Grad School is monetarily not an option, and who don't have the grades to get a scholarship, why bother to try. Especially if the professors are going to act like jerks to you either way. And they do, believe me, I've tried. I simply want it to all end. Let me out into the "real world" and stop pretending I don't know what's out there. I've got a better grounding in reality than some of my professors. A grounding in reality doesn't mean lack of imagination. Anyone who knows me knows I have a very large imagination. But I'm not a kid anymore. I often wish I was, but that ain't gonna happen. If I can just pass my classes (jumping back onto topic) then perhaps I won't have such a pessimistic view of things. That'd at least right one of the worngs in my life.

 And that's all I'm going to say about that at the moment.


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