The Complete Schedule of Local (to Atlanta) LARP Games

See each group's Web Page for game information and directions. Most can be accessed from Chris' Web Page. Questions can be sent to Chris from the page as well.

Key to Locations

A game's location (at end of each game) can be found in this list:



11-13: Shadowmoor KM

18-20: SOLAR Clanthia IS

25-27: NERO Atlanta HLCDM, Eclipse IS



2: Dust to Dust 1 day CMP

8-10: Shadowmoor KM, SOLAR Clanthia HLCR

15-17: Eclipse FDR, NERO Tennessee BTW

22-24: Forest of Doors - FDR

29-May 1: NERO Atlanta HLCDM



6-8: Shadowmoor KM, SOLAR Clanthia IS

13-15: NERO Southeast Regional Event OL, Eclipse AHS

20-22: NERO Tennessee BTW, Legynds HLCR, Forest of Doors - AHS

27-30: SOLAR Clanthia 4 day Festival - HLCR



3-5: Shadowmoor KM

10-12: Legynds HLCR

24-26: NERO Atlanta LSW



1-4: SOLAR Clanthia 4 day HLCR

8-10: Forest of Doors YAR

29-31: Shadowmoor KM



19-21: Shadowmoor KM, SOLAR Clanthia HLCR



2-4: Forest of Doors DC

9-11: Eclipse FDR

16-18: Shadowmoor KM

23-25: NERO Atlanta FDR, Forest of Doors RTM

30-Oct 2: SOLAR Clanthia - HLCR



21-23: NERO Atlanta AHS, Shadowmoor KM, Forest of Doors IS

28-30: Eclipse - AHS



3-7: SOLAR Clanthia 5 day 20th Anniversary Event - HLCR

18-20: Eclipse AHS



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