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I have been persuaded to add the obligatory all-about-me page to my home page because "that's what home pages are all about". While I still don't agree with this logic, I might as well do it anyway, so... Here goes:



No pics available yet...

Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 195 lbs.
Hair: short (not horribly though), dark blond, curly
Eyes: Blue w/ glasses
What more do you need to know...



Boy, this is starting to look like a character sheet.

School: Emory U.
Major: Chemistry
Minor: German
Employment: I've been a chemist, an admin, and even a bookseller at the biggest stop for authors in the midwest.



To continue the character sheet theme...

Activities: Painting minis, playing on the computer, working too much.
Hobbies: Roleplaying Duh!: live (when I can) and tabletop, collecting numerous things: CDs, miniatures, GIF files, dust (occasionally everyone gets lazy), you name it. There's way too much. Where was I... Reading, writing (short stories, etc.), Costuming and SFX makeup (usually with live-roleplaying), making things (in general), much more - but I'll stop here.
Sports: Ice hockey, fencing, tennis, raquetball, swimming, scuba diving, archery (Not that I do any of them anymore). 8(

Ignore the catagory titles. These are all things I do, at least occasionally, and they're really hard to classify as one specific thing. Deal with it. < smile >


Things I Have Accomplished:

Eagle Scout, Order of the Arrow, various and sundry school awards, several tours of Europe with the Atlanta Boy Choir, Chem major from Emory U., Standards of Leadership award from Johnson and Johnson, I'm sure there's more, but I can't think of it now...


Characters I Play or Played in Live Action Games:

Otherwise known as names I sometimes answer to in public

Eldriel "Blade" Celebrindal: Elf Earth-Templar (fighter/cleric equivalent) at NERO Atlanta. Basically a Bard now. Respent as Scholar.
Vider Ybirak: Truell Earth Scholar originally from Everhate, now played at SOLAR's Shadowmoor. He was necrite, vampire, banshee, and finally normal.
Gegekhuntschik (Chosen-One): Wild-Elf Fighter (native american archer) also at NERO Atlanta Retired
    also John "Gegekhuntschik" Smith: Fostern Lupus Ragabash Uktena at Sacred Oak (Camarilla)
The Kitten/D.C./Rupert: A tabby-cat humanoid rogue at NERO Atlanta
Prof. Peter Johnson: 10th gen. Malkavian Vampire at Atlanta Interactive Theatre Retired
Vengeance (AKA Stephen Long): 10th gen. Nosferatu Clan Elder at Shadows by Candlelight (Athens vampire game) Retired
Patrick: Risen at Shadows by Candlelight Retired
Eric Michaels: Brujah? Caitiff? No one knew. Son of Discord at Blackened Hearth (Camarilla)
Mark "Dooley" Terrace: Wraith "The Spirit of Emory" at Blackened Hearth (Camarilla)
Jacob "Muldar" Lynch: Mortal P.I. at Shades of Pale Society (Camarilla)
Tiltowait: Faerie Druid at Haven Game Over
Dominic Rothwindle: One of a slew of NPCs from my old LARP, Covenant Game Over


Music I Like:

Just about everything. Metallica, Helmet, Nine Inch Nails, KMFDM, all that heavy and industrial stuff, Eric Clapton, Brian Adams, all that happy pop junk, Offspring, Nirvana, Hole, all that alternative (to something) stuff, and < gasp! > dare I admit it? Garth Brooks, Z.Z. Top and some of that country stuff. Classical stuff like Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (that horror movie song), Carmina Burana (that song from Glory and all those King Arthur flicks), Moonlight Sonata, Fur Elise, and all those songs. Then there's fifties, sixties, and seventies musics, too numerous to mention. And of course Dr. Demento, "Weird Al" Yankovic, Frank Zappa, and all that off-the-wall novelty stuff. Basically I like everything but rap. There's only a couple rap songs that I'll listen to, but not very often.


Instruments I Play:

Guitar, banjo, keyboard, trumpet/bugle, accordian, kazoo (hey, it counts...), harmonica, ocarina, and some flute. I'm sure there's more, but that's enough for now...
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