What is NERO?

NERO stands for the New England Roleplaying Organization. It is a LARP (Live Action Roleplaying Game) that is played in most of North America. Besides the game in Atlanta, GA there are games in Brooklyn, NY; Houston,TX; and the main chapter in Boston, Mass, just to name a few.

 At NERO you get to become a character that can be human, elf, dwarf, dark elf, biata (bird people), mystic wood elf (like elves with horns), orc, goblin, or several other races. There are four character classes: Fighter, Rogue, Scholar (magic-user), and Templar (fighter/magic-users). We have two standard realms of magic: Celestial and Earth, plus in various chapters there are things such as rune magic, harmonic magic, etc. Celestial magic is from the stars and does mystical things like magic missles, flame bolt, magic storms, etc. Earth magic is the healing aspect of magic. All curing spells come under this, as well as some defensive spells. The opposite of Earth magic is Necromancy. These spells CAUSE damage and create and control undead. However, Earth curing spells CAUSE double damage to undead. Spells are represented by saying the verbal (i.e. "I call forth a magic missle.") and throwing a small bean bag filled with bird seed at the target. If the spell packet misses or the verbal is said improperly, the spell fizzles.

 Weapons are represented with PVC pipes that are covered in foam insulation and then covered with duct tape. To be NERO-safe, all weapons must have an additional inch of open cell "squishy" foam on all thrusting surfaces. Attacks are made by hitting the target with the weapon and calling the amount and type of damage you do. (i.e. "Two Normal", "Four Silver","Seven Magic", etc.)

 Typical events are three-day events. The game starts around 9 PM on Friday and goes on until 12 noon on Sunday. During this time you ARE your character and will be treated as your CHARACTER. You should react to things the way your character would. This is the basis of Roleplaying - being someone else for a change.

 Questions? Email Chris at metikla@mindspring.com

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