What's New on Chris' Web Page

3/31/2011: Updated all the links and changed games around to current listings.


6/28/05: Minor update. Added the White Wolf emblem to the page. Considering adding useful tabletop files like character sheets to the page... Fixed a link I missed.

6/15/05: An update was looong overdue. In the past several years many things have changed. My LARP has ended. I'm no longer in Georgia (for now). My two wonderful children keep me too busy to keep my page as current as it deserves. So, rather than take it down, I'm changing the focus of the page. It'll still have all the old stuff folks visited for (it'll take me a while to get a new LARP schedule up), but it'll also have some more tabletop and wargaming stuff. Here's hoping the new page will be a hit. All the links work again. The old broken ones are gone.

11/18/00: After more than a year off (hey - I'm running a LARP now, too. Check out Covenant!) I've updated the whole page. There's more to come, but this was a good start. I'm still waiting for NERO and Legynds and a few other games to get their 2001 schedule back, but more will be up when I know.

9/21/99: Pics added to picture page. Schedule updated (partially). Subsun Links added.

8/5/99: More links updated and fixed. Legynds added.

8/4/99: Several links updated. Subsun games added, and Pinnacle added.

4/8/99: Page moved from Xoom to Mindspring. Schedule updated.

2/22/99: Schedule updated.

 2/15/99: Schedule updated. Picture page thumbnailed. New NERO pic added.

 12/8/98: AIT link updated.

 10/25/98: Final move completed. Counter moved and reset. Emory site set to forward here. Some links updated. Schedule updated.

 5/18/98: Page moved from Emory to Xoom.

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