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A Brief Summary of NERO.
How to Make a Basic Boffer Melee Weapon (with pictures!)

Mostly Complete (not all games have their dates yet) 2001 Games Schedule: includes Athens, Chattanooga, TN, SC and other reasonably near-by games

Links to Atlanta's Local LARP's:

White Wolf Mind's Eye Theatre LARPs

Camarilla LogoThe Camarilla: A Vampire Fan Association National Web Page Black Dog of the Camarilla: Atlanta Camarilla Domain ('Vampire' Chapter - 
Blackened Hearth 
'Werewolf' Chapter - 
Sacred Oak)
Shades of Pale Society: Chattanooga Camarilla Chapter  The Atlanta Interactive Theater Athens by Night

Atlanta-Based Boffer Weapon Games

NERO Tyrangel (Atlanta Chapter) NERO Wildlands South Covenant by Subsun Studios Ghostwood: Live-Action Deadlands by Subsun Studios, based on the game by Pinnacle Entertainment Group StarQuest
SOLAR Everhate (A SOLAR Campaign) Legynds IFGS (Atlanta Chapter) The Shattered Isles by Chimera Interactive

Links to Related Pages and Other Games

SCA: Society for Creative Anachronism. I'm not even going to try to keep them on the schedule... Too many little groups...

Note: NERO has split in two, but in fairness I list both main pages. I'm only listing individual pages of chapters that are fairly close to Atlanta or interact with the Atlanta game on a large basis. Atlanta is a part of NERO Int. If you want a more comprehensive list of chapters, try the main groups' links pages. The Atlanta Chapter is listed about in the Atlanta links.
NERO International Home Page NERO Alliance Headquarters NERO Baddira (Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter) NERO Hawthorn Bluff (East Tennessee)

Gaming Conventions

DragonCon: One of the biggest gaming/movie/anime/etc. conventions in the Southeast. Festival of Dreams: A LARP only convention presented by Chimera Interactive

Gaming Companies:

White Wolf Storyteller Line Pinnacle Entertainment Group Deadlands, etc. Wizards of the Coast Magic Card Game Glare

Costuming, Instruments, and Other Important and Useful Stuff:

A Big Link Page: This link page keeps changing it's name, but it connects to many useful sites.

Many of the following links would fit in several categories, but I'm putting them in the one that most applies.

Pre-made Costuming and Armor

The Merchant of Venice The Celtic Weaver Museum Replicas Chivalry Sports Chainmaille Fashions Christian Fletcher Medieval Armor

Do-It-Yourself Pages and Parts Sources

Anna's LARP Craft Links Page

Makeup and Effects

The Monster Makers Nightmare Factory

Musical Instruments, CDs, Sheet Music, Lyrics etc.

Lark In The Morning The International Lyrics Server Digital Traditions Folk Song Database MGV Song Database On-Line Guitar Archives (OLGA)

My Stuff, or Stuff You Might Find Interesting

A page with the pages of all my friends.
A bit about me.
Hey! Even better! Now there's a whole page dedicated to me.
A page of pictures from local games (mostly of me, but hey... It's my page. 8> ) - Warning! Image intensive (Go fig...) But now with thumbnails!

Any suggestions, comments, ideas, etc. can be sent to Chris Sanders.