My Pictures!!

NERO Pictures

Picture of Three 
(l to r) Eldriel "Blade" Celebrindal (me), Harris of Biddera, Sever.
Cassiopia, the Stone Elf.
Home Sweet Home at an event.
Dame Imara and Tyr 
Dame Imara de Nostiv, Knight Champion of Tyrangel and Tyr the Blue Mage.
The Mushroom Circle.

NERO Wildlands Pictures

Imbrium Diurne (me).

Shattered Isles Pictures

The Seelie Court 
(l to r) Squigmont the Scribe, the Seelie King, and the Chancellor (me) talk with Mayor Talrick and Grii the Mighty.  

This is a cleaned up version of the image from the SI page. 

The Seelie Court 
Metikla Akiren Nokonyu (me), Elven Archer

Haven Pictures - Game Ended

Tiltowait, the faerie druid. (me)

Legynds Pictures

Lilu and Javert (me) deLano. 
Another pic of Javert (still me).


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