1850 Census of County, MO
transcribed by Margaret H. Gentges

There are 73 separate pages of this census which you may view by page number if you wish.

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Abbot, Charlotte
Abbot, Drusilla
Abbot, Elizabeth
Abbot, Elizabeth
Abbot, Nancy J.
Abbot, Samuel
Abbott, George T.
Abbott, Joana
Abbott, John G.
Abbott, Marian
Abbott, Samuel
Abbott, Sarah E.
Abbott, William S.
Abbott, William Y.
Adkins, Parker
Agee, Ann
Agee, Matthew
Ahemon, Armita
Albertson, Joseph
Alexander, William
Amerman, Isaac
Amerman, Joseph
Amerman, Linia
Amerman, Sanford
Amerman, William
Ammerman, Eliza
Ammerman, Eliza
Ammerman, Enfield
Ammerman, Isaac
Ammerman, James
Ammerman, Jemima
Ammerman, John
Ammerman, John
Ammerman, John
Ammerman, Joseph
Ammerman, Joseph
Ammerman, Lina Ann
Ammerman, Mary
Ammerman, Philip
Ammerman, Roland
Ammerman, Sarah
Ammerman, Sarah Ann
Ammerman, William Henry
Anderson, America
Anderson, Ann Eliza
Anderson, Catherine A.
Anderson, Colburn
Anderson, Elizabeth
Anderson, Elizabeth
Anderson, Emily J.
Anderson, Isaac
Anderson, James M.
Anderson, Jane
Anderson, Jane
Anderson, John
Anderson, John E.
Anderson, Louisa
Anderson, Lucinda
Anderson, Mahala
Anderson, Martha Ann
Anderson, Mary
Anderson, Mary E.
Anderson, Mira Ann
Anderson, Pleasant M.
Anderson, Rebecca E.
Anderson, Richard W.
Anderson, Samantha E.
Anderson, Thomas
Anderson, Thomas
Anderson, William
Anderson, William
Anderson, William
Anderson, William
Armstrong, Abel
Armstrong, Tabitha
Arnold, Albert
Arnold, Elvira
Arnold, John
Arnold, Joseph
Arnold, Louisa
Atkins, Caswell
Atkins, Charlotta
Atkins, Eliza
Atkins, Malicia
Atkins, Manila
Atkins, Nancy
Atkins, Sarah
Atkins, Stephen
Atkins, Susan
Atkinson, Emily
Atkinson, Frances
Atkinson, Newton
Atkinson, Obediah
Atkinson, Polly
Atkinson, Stephen C.
Aubrey, Almeda
Aubrey, George
Aubrey, Roland
Aubrey, Sarah
Backues, Emeline
Backues, Isaac
Backues, Mariam
Backues, Mariam
Backues, Sanford
Backues, Susan
Backues, Susan
Backues, Thomas
Backues, Thomas
Bacon, Charles
Bacon, John O.
Bacon, Mary Ann
Bacon, Richard
Bacon, Samuel
Bacon, Sarah
Bailey, Ann
Bailey, George
Bailey, James
Bailey, Nancy
Bailey, William
Baker, Ann Eliza
Baker, David
Baker, Delilah A.
Baker, Elizabeth
Baker, Hetty
Baker, Hiram
Baker, John
Baker, John N.
Baker, Mahala
Baker, Matthew S.
Baker, Matthew S.
Baker, Melcenia J.
Baker, Melinda J.
Baker, Milly
Baker, Minerva A.
Baker, Morris
Baker, Nancy
Baker, Nancy
Baker, Napoleon B.
Baker, Preston N.
Baker, Sarah
Baker, Silas Mc
Baker, Thomas
Baker, Thomas H.
Barbarick, Armissa
Barbarick, Daguit
Barbarick, Elizabeth
Barbarick, Frederick
Barbarick, Invanda
Barbarick, Joseph A.
Barbarick, Nancy
Barbarick, Oguin
Barbarick, Peter
Barbarick, Sarah
Barbarick, William R.
Barnes, Joseph
Barnes, Mary
Barnes, Stephen
Barnhart, Albert
Barnhart, Barbara
Barnhart, Elizabeth
Barnhart, Elizabeth
Barnhart, Emeline
Barnhart, George
Barnhart, James
Barnhart, James
Barnhart, Lucy
Barnhart, Marion
Barnhart, Mark
Barnhart, Martha J.
Barnhart, Mary
Barnhart, Mathias
Barnhart, Parmelia
Barnhart, Sarah
Barnhart, Sarah
Barnhart, Thomas D.
Barnhart, William
Barr, Ailatheus
Barr, Fidelia
Barr, Jonathan N.
Barr, Lalande
Barr, Marian
Basinger, Albert
Basinger, Alph
Basinger, Eliza
Basinger, Elizabeth
Basinger, George
Basinger, Isaac
Basinger, Jane
Basinger, Valentine
Basinger, Vianna
Basinger, William
Bassham, Edward
Bassham, Elizabeth
Bassham, Mahala
Baxter, John
Beck, Aley
Beck, Eliza
Beck, Elizabeth
Beck, Harriet E.
Beck, Israel
Beck, John
Beck, John M.
Beck, Philip
Beck, Polly
Beck, Sarah
Beck, William
Befolt, Elizabeth
Befolt, Manuel
Belk, Amanda
Belk, Andrew
Belk, Emeline
Belk, Henry
Belk, James
Belk, Margaret
Belk, Martha
Belk, Mary
Belk, Nancy
Benefield, Alfred
Benefield, Catherine
Benefield, Eliza Jane
Benefield, Hannah
Benefield, Isabel
Betner, Catherine
Betner, Edward
Betner, Elizabeth
Betner, Lucinda
Betner, William
Bim, John
Bim, John
Bim, Mary
Bim, Rachel
Bishop, John
Bishop, Mary
Bishop, Masie
Bishop, Nancy
Bishop, Tracy
Bitticks, Cyntha
Bitticks, Frances
Bitticks, John
Bitticks, Milton
Bitticks, Polly
Bitticks, Thomas
Blanton, Amanda
Blanton, Caroline
Blanton, Eliza
Blanton, Ezekiel
Blanton, James
Blanton, Jasper
Blanton, Sarah
Boillot, Celestine
Boillot, Charles
Boillot, Joseph
Bonnot, Felix
Bonnot, Philomen
Bonnot, Rosalie
Bonnot, Saul
Boone, Albert
Boone, Albert
Boone, Cabin
Boone, Cahterine
Boone, Caroline
Boone, Daniel
Boone, Elinder
Boone, Eliza
Boone, Eliza A.
Boone, Henderson
Boone, Israel
Boone, Jesse
Boone, John
Boone, John
Boone, Jonathan
Boone, Julian
Boone, Mariam
Boone, Minerva
Boone, Sarah
Boone, William
Boulware, Jane
Boulware, John
Boulware, William
Boulware, William C.
Bowen, Charles
Bowen, Edward
Bowen, Ellen
Bowen, Elmira
Bowen, Emily
Bowen, Isabella
Bowen, Mary
Bowen, William H.
Bowen, Zachariah
Bowlin, Elizabeth
Bowlin, James C.
Bowlin, John
Bowlin, Lucinda
Bowman, Daniel
Bowman, John
Bowman, Margaret
Bowman, Mary
Bowman, Nancy
Bowman, Racheal
Bowman, Sarah
Boyer, Amanda
Boyer, Eliza
Boyer, John
Boyer, Joseph
Boyer, Julia
Boyer, Matilda
Boyer, Sophronia
Boyse, Crawford
Boyse, Elizabeth
Boyse, George A.
Boyse, Henry
Boyse, Jane
Boyse, John A.
Boyse, John L.
Boyse, Martha
Boyse, Mary
Boyse, Mary C.
Boyse, Nancy C.
Boyse, Polly
Boyse, Samuel
Boyse, Sarah E.
Boyse, Susan
Boyse, Susan
Boyse, Thomas J.
Boyse, William A.
Boyse, William A.
Boyse, Winifred
Brandt, Caspar
Brandt, Christina
Brandt, Peter
Brandt, Sibila
Branson, Andrew
Branson, Andrew
Branson, Andrew
Branson, Andrew
Branson, C. Washington
Branson, Charles
Branson, David
Branson, David
Branson, Elizabeth
Branson, Elizabeth
Branson, Elizabeth
Branson, Elvira
Branson, Emily
Branson, Francis
Branson, George
Branson, Gilbert
Branson, James
Branson, Joanna
Branson, Joanna
Branson, John
Branson, John
Branson, Joseph
Branson, Julia Ann
Branson, Julia Ann
Branson, Madison
Branson, Malicia
Branson, Margaret
Branson, Mariam
Branson, Martha
Branson, Martha
Branson, Martha
Branson, Martin
Branson, Mary
Branson, Mary Ann
Branson, Mary Jane
Branson, Minerva
Branson, Minerva
Branson, Nancy
Branson, Nancy
Branson, Reuben
Branson, Reuben
Branson, Rutha
Branson, Sarah
Branson, Sarah
Branson, SArah
Branson, Sarah
Branson, Sarah
Branson, Sarah
Branson, Stephen
Branson, Thomas
Branson, Thomas
Branson, Thomas
Branson, Thomas
Branson, Thomas
Branson, Thomas
Branson, William
Branson, William
Branson, William
Brasier, Granville
Brasier, James
Brasier, John
Brasier, Nancy
Brasier, Nancy
Brasier, Polly
Brasier, Sherill
Brasier, William
Breeden, Joseph F.
Breeden, Martha J.
Breeden, William S.
Breedin, Nancy
Breeding, Betsy A.
Breeding, Calvin
Breeding, Deborah
Breeding, Elijah
Breeding, Elizabeth
Breeding, Hannah
Breeding, James
Breeding, James
Breeding, John H.
Breeding, John W.
Breeding, Juliana
Breeding, Lewis R.
Breeding, Louisa J.
Breeding, Lucinda
Breeding, Margaret
Breeding, Martha E.
Breeding, Nancy
Breeding, Nancy A.
Breeding, Patsy
Breeding, Sarah
Breeding, William
Breeding, William
Brim, John
Brim, John C.
Brim, Joseph
Brim, Louisa
Brim, Lucy
Brim, Melinda
Brim, Nisa
Brim, Sarah
Brim, Thomas
Brittingham, Anderew
Brittingham, Caswell
Brittingham, George W.
Brittingham, Mary E.
Brittingham, Mary Elizabeth
Brittingham, Sarah
Brock, Alfred
Brock, Bailey
Brock, Leana
Brock, Marsena
Brock, Mary Ann
Brock, Robert
Brock, Samuel
Brumley, David
Brumley, Eleanor
Brumley, James
Brumley, Jane
Brumley, Sophia
Brummell, Elizabeth
Brummell, Jesse
Brummell, John
Brummell, Sarah
Brummell, William
Bumpass, Elizabeth
Bumpass, Francis N
Bumpass, Louisa
Bumpass, Lycurgus
Bumpass, William
Bunch, Isabella
Bunch, John C.
Bunch, William
Bunch, William S.
Burns, Barton
Burns, Henry
Burns, James
Burns, Malinda J.
Burns, Martha
Burns, Mary J.
Burns, Ransom
Burns, Ransom
Burns, Rhoda
Burtcher, Augustus
Burtcher, Edward
Burtcher, Margaret
Burtcher, Mary
Burtcher, Michael
Campbell, Andrew J.
Campbell, Cassandra
Campbell, Jacob
Campbell, Lucind
Campbell, Mary J.
Campbell, Matthew S.
Campbell, Melinda
Campbell, Nancy
Campbell, Nancy E.
Campbell, Newberry
Campbell, Rachel A.
Campbell, Rebecca J.
Campbell, Richard A.
Campbell, Robert
Campbell, Robert H.
Campbell, Sarah
Campbell, William
Carey, Ann
Carey, Catherine
Carey, Charlotte
Carey, Frances
Carey, George
Carey, Harriet
Carey, Jane
Carey, John
Carey, John
Carey, Lewis
Carey, Lydia
Carey, Newton
Carey, Octavia
Carey, Olivia
Carey, Robert
Carey, Roberta
Carey, Virginia
Carey, William
Carey, William
Carnes, dith
Carnes, Jane
Carnes, Jehu
Carnes, John
Carnes, Josiah
Carnes, Lewis N.
Carnes, Margaret
Carnes, Mary
Carnes, Mary
Carnes, Nancy
Carnes, Nancy
Carnes, Rachel
Carnes, Thomas
Carnes, William
Carr, Barbara A.
Carrell, James C.
Carrell, Philip
Carwine, John
Carwine, Mabery
Carwine, Margaret
Casey, Benton
Casey, Carter
Casey, Edward
Casey, John
Casey, Louisa
Casey, Lydia
Casey, Mary Fenton
Casey, William
Clark, Isaac J.
Clark, James
Clark, John
Clark, John L.
Clark, Leonard
Clark, Lucy E.
Clark, Lydia
Clark, Mary
Clark, Rebecca
Clark, Thomas
Clark, Thomas H. B.
Clark, Valentine
Clark, William
Coffey, Alexander C.
Coffey, Campbell
Coffey, Drusilla
Coffey, Irvin
Coffey, John M.
Coffey, Nancy
Coffey, Rachel
Coffey, Squire
Coffey, William
Coleman, Jorden
Cook, Fielding
Cook, Julian
Cooper, Andrew J.
Cooper, Christopher
Cooper, Elizabeth
Cooper, Elvira
Cooper, Thomas
Cooper, William
Copeland, Albert K.
Copeland, Andrew J.
Copeland, Ann
Copeland, Callaway
Copeland, Calvin C.
Copeland, Davis
Copeland, Eliza
Copeland, Eliza J.
Copeland, Elizabeth
Copeland, Elizabeth
Copeland, Elizabeth C.
Copeland, Fanny
Copeland, Francis M.
Copeland, Henry A.
Copeland, Jane
Copeland, Jane
Copeland, John
Copeland, John
Copeland, John
Copeland, Joseph
Copeland, Joseph
Copeland, Joseph
Copeland, Joseph
Copeland, Levi T.
Copeland, Mahala
Copeland, Martha
Copeland, Martha
Copeland, Martin
Copeland, Martin
Copeland, Mary
Copeland, Mary Ann
Copeland, Mary E.
Copeland, Melinda
Copeland, Noah
Copeland, Ovena
Copeland, Peter
Copeland, Polly
Copeland, Rebecca
Copeland, Sarah
Copeland, Sarah
Copeland, Solomon
Copeland, Solomon
Copeland, William
Copeland, William
Copeland, William
Copeland, William J.
Copeland, William M.
Coppedge, Anthony
Cotton, James M.
Cotton, Maria
Cotton, Sarahann
Coulston, Catherine
Courtright, Lawson
Courtright, Philip
Cowen, Andrew
Cowen, Aveline
Cowen, David
Cowen, Elisabeth
Cowen, Eliza
Cowen, James
Cowen, John
Cowen, Joseph
Cowen, Mariam
Cowen, Tabitha
Cox, Allen
Cox, Batsheba
Cox, Burton
Cox, Catherine
Cox, Catherine
Cox, Catherine
Cox, Edward
Cox, Elizabeth
Cox, Hannah
Cox, Henry J.
Cox, James
Cox, James W.
Cox, Joshua A.
Cox, Louisa
Cox, Lucy
Cox, Margaret
Cox, Martha
Cox, Mary
Cox, Matilda
Cox, Melinda
Cox, Nancy
Cox, Polly
Cox, Rachel
Cox, Reubin
Cox, Susannah
Cox, Thomas
Cox, William
Cox, Winfield
Cox, Zachariah
Crabtree, Giles
Crabtree, Hulda
Crabtree, Jackson
Crabtree, Sarah
Crabtree, Solomon
Crain, Jery S.
Crain, Mary Ann
Crain, Milly
Crain, Nancy
Crain, Rachel
Crain, Stephen
Craven, John
Crawford, James
Crawford, Lydia M.
Crawford, Mary E.
Crawford, Mary J.
Crawford, Nancy
Crawford, Thomas
Crawford, Thompson
Crawford, William
Crawford, William C.
Crider, Abraham
Crider, Daniel
Crider, Elizabeth
Crider, Joseph
Crider, Julian
Crider, Martin J.
Crider, Mary
Crider, Monroe
Crider, Nancy
Crismon, Flavilla M.
Crismon, Amanda
Crismon, Archibald
Crismon, Eliza J.
Crismon, Emily
Crismon, Frances
Crismon, Gabriel
Crismon, Gilbert
Crismon, Gilbert
Crismon, Gilbert
Crismon, Hugh
Crismon, John
Crismon, Joseph
Crismon, Judy
Crismon, Lavelia M.
Crismon, Lewis
Crismon, Margaret
Crismon, Mark
Crismon, Martha F.
Crismon, Mary
Crismon, Mira
Crismon, Moses
Crismon, Pleasant
Crismon, Polly
Crismon, Rachel C.
Crismon, Sarah
Crismon, Stephen
Crismon, Stephen
Crismon, William
Crismon, William
Crismon, William W.
Crutzinger, Emilius
Crutzinger, Mary
Crutzinger, Sarah
Crutzinger, Volney
Crutzinger, William
Cunningham, Andrew J.
Cunningham, Elnor
Cunningham, Mary
Curtit, Amelia
Curtit, Felix
Curtit, Irene
Curtit, Louis
Curtit, Mariam
Cutler, Rutha
David, Isaac
Davidson, John
Davidson, Lucinda
Davidson, Lunsford
Davidson, Melinda
Davidson, Nancy
Davidson, Richard
Davidson, Vina
Davies, Emily
Davies, James
Davies, Joseph
Davies, Sarah
Davies, Susan
Davies, William M.
Davis, Agnes
Davis, Andrew
Davis, Commodore P.
Davis, Elisabeth
Davis, Francis
Davis, Ganaway
Davis, Green
Davis, Jefferson G.
Davis, John
Davis, John
Davis, John
Davis, Landon
Davis, Lucy
Davis, Lumina
Davis, Martha
Davis, Mary
Davis, Micajah
Davis, Micajah
Davis, Nancy
Davis, Polly
Davis, Polly A.
Davis, Rebecca
Davis, Sarah
Davis, Sarah P.
Davis, Thomas
Davis, Thomas
Davis, William
Davis, William
Davis, William
Dessieux, Felicite
DeVancelo, Howard
Dodson, Eliza
Dodson, Isaiah
Dodson, Mary
Dodson, Matilda
Dodson, Polly
Dodson, Thomas
Dodson, Uriah
Dodson, William
Doggett, Elizabeth
Doggett, Jesse
Doggett, Margaret
Doggett, Thomas
Dotson, Elisa
Dotson, Franklin
Dotson, James
Dotson, Nancy
Dotson, Thomas
Doyel, Clarissa A.
Doyel, Eizabeth
Doyel, Farmer
Doyel, James
Doyel, John
Doyel, Joseph L.
Doyel, Mary
Doyel, Mary
Doyel, Nancy
Doyel, Rebecca
Doyel, Samuel
Doyel, Thomas
Doyle, Betsy
Doyle, Catherine
Doyle, Frank
Doyle, Hugh
Doyle, Hugh
Doyle, James
Doyle, John
Doyle, Leander
Doyle, Leuva
Doyle, Lucinda
Doyle, Marian
Doyle, Mary J.
Doyle, Nancy
Doyle, Racheal
Doyle, Robert
Doyle, Ruth
Duncan, Bowles
Duncan, Charlotte
Duncan, David
Duncan, David C.
Duncan, Irvin
Duncan, Jane
Duncan, John
Duncan, Lavica
Duncan, Sarah
Duncan, Susan
Duncan, William
Duncan, William
Dunlap, Albert
Dunlap, Catherine
Dunlap, Franklin
Dunlap, Jane
Dunlap, John
Dunlap, Laura
Dunlap, Mary
Eads, Albert
Eads, Benjamin
Eads, Benjamin S.
Eads, Elizabeth C.
Eads, George W.
Eads, Isaac
Eads, Jane
Eads, John
Eads, Lorenzo D.
Eads, Lucinda
Eads, Mahala
Eads, Margaret
Eads, Margaret
Eads, Martha
Eads, Mary C.
Eads, Mira Ann
Eads, Perry
Eads, Polly
Eads, Polly
Eads, Riley
Eads, William
Eads, William
Eads, William H.
Eads, William M.
Eberhart, Eliza
Eberhart, John
Eberhart, John
Eberhart, Lydia
Eberhart, Martha
Eberhart, Mary
Eberhart, Sarah
Edgin, Elizabeth
Edgman, Huston
Ellis, John
Ellis, Joseph
Elrod, Cerilda
Elrod, Christopher
Elrod, Lucinda
Elrod, Mary
Elrod, Mary
Elrod, Nancy
Elrod, Thomas
Elrod, Thomas
Elsey, Francis
Elsey, John
Elsey, John
Elsey, Louisa
Elsey, Margaret
Elsey, Rachel
Elsey, Sarah
Elsey, Thomas
Emory, Caroline
Emory, Hiram
Emory, James
Emory, Jesse
Emory, John
Emory, Lewis
Emory, Lucinda
Emory, Mariam
Emory, Sarah
Emory, William
Estep, Joseph
Estep, Louisa
Eubanks, Richard
Even, Elizabeth
Even, Gertrude
Even, Lavinia
Even, Peter
Farmer, Adolphus
Farmer, Caroline
Farmer, Harriet
Farmer, James P.
Farmer, Jesse
Farmer, Lewis
Farmer, Lucinda
Farmer, Margaret
Farmer, Rufus
File, Frederick J.
Fincher, Levi
Fincher, Susan
Fincher, William
Findley, John
Findly, Lydia
Fleck, Daniel
Fleck, John
Fleck, Peter
Fleck, Rebecca
Forester, Julia Ann
Forester, Louisa
Forester, Margaret L
Forester, Martha A.
Forester, Maryline
Forester, Nely
Forester, Thomas
Forrester, John
Forrester, Lucinda
Forrester, Margaret
Forrester, Milly
Forrester, Polly
Forrester, William
Fowler, Eliabeth
Fowler, George
Fowler, Henry
Fowler, James
Fowler, John
Fowler, Mary
Fowler, Polly
Fowler, Richard J.
Fowler, Robert
Fowler, Samuel
Fowler, William
Francis, Burton C.
Francis, Lafayette
Francis, Nancy A.
Francis, Samuel C.
Francis, Samuel H.
Francis, Sarah
Francis, Thomas B.
Francis, Wallace A.
Francis, Walter C.
Freeman, Edmond
Freeman, George W.
Freeman, Jane
Freeman, John F.
Freeman, Josephus
Freeman, Martha J.
Freeman, Mary E.
Freshwater, Ann
Freshwater, Felix
Freshwater, George
Freshwater, Melinda
Gabehart, Elijah
Gabehart, George
Gabehart, John
Gabehart, Mahala
Gabehart, Marian
Gabehart, Nancy A.
Gaither, Barton
Gaither, Edward
Gaither, Elizabeth
Gaither, Elizabeth
Gaither, James
Gaither, John
Gaither, Mahala
Gaither, Mary
Gaither, Silas
Garner, Henry C.
Garner, Louis
Garner, Margaret
Garner, Michael
Garner, William
Gather, Peter
Geabhart, Elizabeth
Geabhart, John A.
Geabhart, William
Geabhart, William W.
Gentges, Heinrich
Gibson, Benjamin L.
Gibson, Elisabeth
Gibson, Frances C.
Gibson, James M.
Gibson, Jennett
Gibson, Prudith
Gibson, Rebecca J
Giesler, Alfred
Giesler, Asa
Giesler, Charlotte
Giesler, Charlotte
Giesler, Eli
Giesler, John
Giles, Amelia
Giles, John
Giles, Josephus
Giles, Ryland
Giles, Saluda Ann
Gilmore, David
Gilmore, Elizabeth
Gilmore, Elizabeth
Gilmore, Emily
Gilmore, Mary
Gilmore, Nancy
Gilmore, Orey
Gilmore, Samuel
Ginn, George W.
Ginn, Hiarm P.
Ginn, James W
Ginn, Mahala J.
Ginn, Shadrach
Ginn, Susan L.
Glasco, Agnes
Glasco, Caroline
Glasco, Catherine
Glasco, Elizabeth
Glasco, James
Glasco, Lucy Ann
Glasco, Maria
Glasco, Richard
Glasco, Sarah
Glasco, Susan
Glover, Catherine
Glover, Elizabeth
Glover, John
Glover, John W.
Glover, Martha
Goodall, Margaret
Goodall, Nancy
Goodall, Nancy
Goodall, Peter
Goodman, Agnes
Goodman, Benjamin
Goodman, David
Goodman, David
Goodman, David
Goodman, Elisabeth
Goodman, George
Goodman, John
Goodman, Martha
Goodman, Martha
Goodman, Melinda
Goodman, Polly
Goodman, Robert
Goodman, Robert
Goodman, Susan
Goodman, Thomas
Grady, Caswell
Grady, Frances
Grady, John
Grady, Liza Ann
Grady, Polly
Grady, William W.
Green, Betsy
Green, Catherine
Green, Cinderela
Green, David
Green, Elisabeth
Green, Faraby Ann
Green, Harrison W.
Green, Henry
Green, Jane
Green, Joseph
Green, Latha
Green, Marion
Green, Sarah
Green, Sarah J.
Green, Thomas
Greene, Dillard
Greene, John J.
Gregory, Charles H.
Gregory, Virginia
Griffith, Christopher C.
Griffith, David
Griffith, David B.
Griffith, Dorcas A.
Griffith, Finis E.
Griffith, James R.
Griffith, John
Griffith, Joseph R.
Griffith, Mary
Griffith, Polly A.
Griffith, Rebecca
Groff, Almeda
Groff, Balser
Groff, Erza
Groff, Henry
Groff, Margaret
Groff, Rachel
Groff, Samuel
Groff, Sandford
Groff, Sarah
Hamet, Elizabeth
Hamlet, Archibald
Hamlet, Martha
Hamlet, Mary
Hamlet, Nancy
Hampton, Elizabeth
Hampton, John
Hampton, Levi
Hancks, Catherine
Hancks, Ichabod
Hancks, Jabez
Hancks, Thomas
Harper, Charles
Harris, Nancy
Harris, Thomas
Harris, William
Harrison, Esther
Harrison, John
Harrison, Lewis
Harrison, Malisa
Harrison, Narcissa
Harrison, Thomas
Hatcher, John
Hatcher, Martha
Hatcher, Mary
Hawk, Clarinda
Hawk, George W.
Hawk, James
Hawk, Mary
Hawk, Robert
Hawkins, Celia
Hawkins, Elisabeth
Hawkins, Elizabeth
Hawkins, Jacob
Hawkins, John
Hawkins, Joseph
Hawkins, Missouri A.
Hawkins, Samantha
Hawkins, Samuel H.
Hawkins, William J.
Hayes, David
Helton, Crisman
Helton, Julia Ann
Helton, Nancy
Helton, Peggy J.
Helton, Polly
Helton, William
Henry, Elizabeth
Henry, Henry
Herndon, Frances
Herndon, Jeanetta
Herndon, John
Herndon, Mary
Herndon, Susan
Herndon, Thomas M.
Hibbard, James
Hibbard, Jane
Hibbard, Mary
Hibbard, Sarah Ann
Hibbard, William
Hibler, Charlotte
Hibler, Charlotte
Hibler, Felix G.
Hibler, Fielding P.
Hibler, Henry
Hibler, Henry R.
Hibler, Joseph
Hibler, Kitura J.
Hibler, Leander
Hibler, Martha
Hibler, Nancy
Hibler, Panthea
Hibler, Perry
Hibler, Royster
Hibler, Samuel
Hibler, Samuel
Hibler, Sarah Ann
Hibler, William
Hickman, Aaron
Hickman, Elizabeth
Hickman, Mary
Hickman, Pleasant
Hickman, Sarah E.
Hickman, Thomas
Hickman, William
Hicks, Alfred
Hicks, Caroline
Hicks, Elizabeth
Hicks, Ellen
Hicks, Fulton
Hicks, James
Hicks, John
Hicks, Lumima
Hicks, Margaret
Hicks, Martin
Hicks, Martin
Hicks, Mary
Hicks, Mary
Hicks, Mary Ann
Hicks, Mason
Hicks, Riley
Hicks, Robert
Hicks, Sarah
Hicks, Srickland
Hicks, Thomas A. W.
Hicks, William
Hill, Alexander
Hill, Alexander
Hill, Betsy
Hill, Eliza
Hill, Elizabeth
Hill, Frederick
Hill, George
Hill, Jackson
Hill, James
Hill, John
Hill, John
Hill, John
Hill, Margaret
Hill, Mary
Hill, Mary
Hill, Matilda
Hill, Minta
Hill, Nancy
Hill, Nancy
Hill, Polly
Hill, William
Hills, Anna
Hills, William
Hinchey, Bitha
Hinchey, Elizabeth
Hinchey, Louisa
Hinchey, Malinda
Hinchey, Nancy
Hinchey, Uriah
Hinchey, William B.
Hinchy, Andrew
Hollaway, Elizabeth
Hollaway, Elizabeth
Hollaway, Harrison
Hollaway, John
Hollaway, Mary
Hollaway, Nancy
Hollaway, Robert
Hollaway, Susan
Hollaway, William
Hollingsworth, Eliza
Hollingsworth, John F.
Hollingsworth, Joshua
Hollingsworth, Sarah
Hollingsworth, William
Holloman, Fereba
Holloman, George
Holloman, George
Holloman, Joseph
Holloman, Nancy
Holloman, Polly
Holloman, William
Holloway, Edmond
Holloway, George
Holloway, James
Holloway, Joseph P.
Holloway, Lucretia
Holloway, Missouri
Holloway, Nancy
Holloway, Nancy
Holloway, Thomas
Holloway, Thomas P.
Holtschneider, Carl Wilhelm
Holtschneider, Joan
Holtschneider, Mary
Holtschneider, Regina
Hooper, James
Hoops, Amanda
Hoops, Amanda
Hoops, David
Hoops, David
Hoops, Elizabeth
Hoops, Elizabeth
Hoops, George
Hoops, George
Hoops, George
Hoops, Hariet
Hoops, John
Hoops, Lucyann
Hoops, Lucyann
Hoops, Martha
Hoops, Mary
Hoops, Nancy
Hoops, Sarah
Hoops, William
Hosler, Caroline
Hosler, George
Hosler, George W.
Hoss, Emely J.
Howerton, John
Howerton, Judith
Howerton, Kitty Clay
Howerton, Lewis
Howerton, Robert
Howerton, Robert P.
Howerton, Sterne
Howerton, Thyrza Ann
Hubbard, Almeda
Hubbard, Almeda
Huber, Ann
Huber, Charles
Huber, Elizabeth
Huber, Francis
Huber, John
Huber, Martha
Huber, Mary
Huber, Rebecca
Huber, William
Huber, William
Huckstep, Amelia
Huckstep, Frances
Huckstep, James
Huckstep, James W.
Huckstep, John
Huckstep, Judith
Huckstep, Martha
Huckstep, Robert
Huckstep, Sarah
Huffman, Delilah
Huffman, Jacob
Huffman, James
Huffman, John N.
Huffman, Lucintha
Huffman, Melinda
Huffman, William R.
Huffmann, Ann
Huffmann, Henry
Huffmann, Philip
Huffmann, Sofia J.
Hughes, Daniel
Hughes, Hannah
Hughes, James E.
Hughes, John
Hughes, John J.
Hughes, John L.
Hughes, John T.
Hughes, Margaret J.
Hughes, Mary
Hughes, Nancy
Hughes, Perry
Hughes, Polly
Hughes, Stephen
Hughes, Stephen S.
Hughes, William
Hughes, William L.
Hughs, Patsy J..
Husbands, Harman
Husbands, Irena
Husbands, Joseph
Husbands, Martha
Husbands, Thomas
Hutchison, Boon
Hutchison, Elizabeth
Hutchison, Rebecca
Hutchison, William
Hutchison, William
Hutton, Andrew
Hutton, Benjamin
Hutton, Charles
Hutton, Columbus
Hutton, Columbus J.
Hutton, Delilah
Hutton, Drusilla
Hutton, Henry
Hutton, John M.
Hutton, Lucy
Hutton, Martha M.
Hutton, Willilam
Imboden, Eliza
Imboden, George
Imboden, James
Imboden, John
Imboden, Thomas
Ingram, Calvin
Ingram, Edward J.
Ingram, John
Ingram, Marian
Ingram, Nancy
Ingram, Nancy
Ingram, William
James, Alonzo
James, Americus
James, Barbara
James, Barbara
James, Burton
James, Charles
James, Columbus
James, David
James, Joseph
James, Malcia
James, Mary Ann
James, Mc Gee
James, Nancy
James, Thomas
Jarvis, Polly Ann
Jarvis, Samuel
Jett, Dorcas
Jett, Eliabeth
Jett, Elizabeth
Jett, Francis
Jett, George
Jett, James
Jett, James Senior
Jett, Jasper
Jett, John
Jett, John M.
Jett, Mahala
Jett, Margaret
Jett, Marian
Jett, Nancy
Jett, Newton
Jett, Polly
Jett, Sarah
Jett, Sarah
Jett, Sarah Ann
Jett, Stephen
Jett, William
Jett, William
Johnson, Betsy
Johnson, California
Johnson, Elizabeth
Johnson, Elizabeth
Johnson, Frances
Johnson, James
Johnson, James
Johnson, James
Johnson, Jane
Johnson, John
Johnson, John
Johnson, John
Johnson, Juliann
Johnson, Lucintha
Johnson, Lydia
Johnson, Lydia Ann
Johnson, Martha
Johnson, Missouri
Johnson, Nancy
Johnson, Narcissa
Johnson, Philip
Johnson, Sarah
Johnson, Thomas J.
Johnson, William
Johnson, William
Johnston, Ann E.
Johnston, Dorcas
Johnston, John
Johnston, John C.
Johnston, Robert
Johnston, Thomas
Johnston, William
Jones, Alton
Jones, Amanda
Jones, Clayton D. P.
Jones, Elijah
Jones, Elijah
Jones, Frances
Jones, Francis
Jones, Gabriella
Jones, George
Jones, Irvin J.
Jones, James
Jones, Lydia
Jones, Nancy
Jones, Napoleon
Jones, Rebecca
Jones, Rosanna
Jones, Russell
Jones, Sarah
Jones, Sarah
Jones, Sarah
Jones, Thomas
Jones, William C.
Jones, William R.
Keelen, Elijah
Keelen, Larken
Keelen, Waldon
Keelen, Walker
Keeling, Louisa
Keelon, Weldon
Keeney, Hardy
Keeney, Isaac
Keeney, Jane
Keeney, Jeannette
Keeney, Julia Ann
Keeney, Matilda
Keeney, Oliver H. P.
Keeney, Roanna
Keeney, Susan
Keeney, Susan
Keeney, Sylvester P.
Keeney, William
Keeney, William
Killmore, Mary Ann
Killmore, Nancy
Killmore, Reubin
Kinsey, Margaret
Kinsey, Mathew
Kinsey, Thomas
Kiziah, Betsy
Kiziah, Evin
Kiziah, Polly
Kiziah, Robert
Kiziah, Sally
Kiziah, William
Kizzire, Hannah
Kizzire, John
Krone, Edward
Krone, Eliza
Krone, Herman Frederick
Krone, Louis
Krone, William
Kurty, Daniel
Lamb, Ann Eliza
Lamb, James
Lamb, Margaret
Lamb, Mary Ann
Lamb, Nancy
Lamb, Nancy
Lambeth, Agnes
Lambeth, Albert H.
Lambeth, Amy
Lambeth, Bluford
Lambeth, Daniel
Lambeth, Eli
Lambeth, Eliza matilda
Lambeth, Elizabeth
Lambeth, Elizabeth
Lambeth, Elizabeth A.
Lambeth, Emily
Lambeth, Frances
Lambeth, Jane
Lambeth, Jane
Lambeth, Jane
Lambeth, Jesse
Lambeth, Jesse
Lambeth, Joseph
Lambeth, Joseph
Lambeth, Louisa
Lambeth, Louisa
Lambeth, Lucinda
Lambeth, Lytle
Lambeth, Martha
Lambeth, Martha
Lambeth, Mary
Lambeth, Mary
Lambeth, Mary
Lambeth, Nancy
Lambeth, Nancy
Lambeth, Paralee
Lambeth, Rhoda
Lambeth, Samuel
Lambeth, Samuel
Lambeth, Sarah
Lambeth, Thomas
Lambeth, William
Lambeth, William
Lambeth, William J.
Lame, Amanda
Lame, Andrew
Lame, Candice
Lame, Elizabeth
Lame, John
Lame, Juliann
Lame, Sarah
Lame, William
Lame, William D.
Lamkin, Lavinia
Lamkin, William M.
Land, Clarissa
Land, Jane
Land, John
Land, John
Land, Polly
Larrick, Celestine
Larrick, Lycurgus
Larrick, Margaret
Laughlin, Benjamin
Laughlin, Elizabeth
Laughlin, James
Laughlin, Jesse
Laughlin, Mariam
Laughlin, Nancy
Laughlin, Samuel
Laughlin, Samuel
Laughlin, Sarah
Laughlin, Thomas
Laughlin, William
Lawson, Eliza
Lawson, Lafayett
Lawson, Wesley
Lawson, William
Lay, Pinkney
Leath, Alfred
Lee, Alexander
Lee, Drusilla
Lee, Elisha
Lee, Elizabeth
Lee, Francis M.
Lee, Francis M.
Lee, George W.
Lee, Lewis
Lee, Luciilla
Lee, Marian
Lee, Mary E.
Lee, Mary J.
Lee, Nancy J.
Lee, William
Lee, William L.
Lee, Willis
Lee, Willis
Lewis, Edmond
Lewis, Sarah
Lisle, Louisa
Lisles, Amanda
Lisles, Elizabeth
Lisles, Sarah
Love, Harvey
Love, Harvey
Love, Isaac
Love, Isaac
Love, Jacob
Love, John
Love, L. M.
Love, Louisa
Love, Martha
Love, Pheeby
Love, Pheeby
Love, Polly
Love, Virginia
Love, William
Lumly, Parsima
Lurton, Elizabeth
Lurton, Henry G.
Lurton, Joseph
Lurton, Margaret
Lurton, Martha
Lurton, Martha
Lurton, Mary
Lurton, Richard
Lurton, William
Mahon, George W.
Mahon, Mary
Mahon, Rutha J.
Mahon, William
Majors, Arminda
Majors, William
Maples, Elnathan
Maples, Lavina
Maples, Mary
Maples, Nancy
Maples, Robert
Maples, Samuel
Margrave, Anthony
Margrave, Benjamin
Margrave, David
Margrave, mahala
Margrave, Rachel
Margrave, Rutha
Margrave, Sarah
Marlow, Caroline
Marlow, James M.
Marlow, John
Marsh, Adolphus
Marsh, John
Marsh, Martha
Martin, Andrew J.
Martin, Caroline
Martin, Catherine
Martin, David
Martin, Delilah
Martin, Eliza
Martin, Elizabeth
Martin, Esther
Martin, George
Martin, George
Martin, George H.
Martin, George W.
Martin, Iba
Martin, Isabell
Martin, James
Martin, Jane
Martin, John
Martin, John
Martin, John
Martin, Joseph
Martin, Lavinia
Martin, Leander
Martin, Louisa
Martin, Louisa
Martin, Lucinda
Martin, Malinda
Martin, Mary E.
Martin, Phililp
Martin, Philip
Martin, Polly
Martin, Polly
Martin, Robert
Martin, Sarah
Martin, Sarah
Martin, Thomas
Martin, William
Martin, William
Martin, William
Masingale, George W.
Masingale, Rachel
Masingale, Sarah J.
Masingale, William S
Massie, Catherine
Massie, Charles L.
Massie, Elizabeth
Massie, Elizabeth
Massie, Ivey
Massie, Malinda
Massie, William
Matthews, Alphonse A.
Matthews, Elizabeth
Matthews, James B.
Matthews, Jasper I.
Matthews, Rebecca Mary J.
Matthews, Samuel I.
Matthews, Thomas C.
Matthews, Thomas H.
Maxwell, Elijah C.
Maxwell, Elizabeth
Maxwell, Elizabeth
Maxwell, Matilda
Mays, Andrew
Mays, Betsy
Mays, Elijah
Mays, Elmira
Mays, James
Mays, Martha
Mays, Martin
Mays, Nancy
Mays, Sarah
Mc Campbell, Jesse
Mc Gee, Elizabeth
McAtee, Andrew
McAtee, Andrew J.
McAtee, Boon
McAtee, Jane
McAtee, John
McAtee, Mary
McAtee, Mary E.
McAtee, Nancy
McAtee, Sarah Ann
McCampbell, James M.
McCampbell, John
McCampbell, Matilda
McCampbell, Thomas
McCord, J. Rhey
McCord, M. J.
McCord, P.B.
McCoy, Elizabeth
McCoy, G. L.
McCoy, Sarah
McDaniel, Elizabeth
McDaniel, Elizabeth
McDaniel, George
McDaniel, James
McDaniel, John J. M.
McDaniel, Mary Ann
McDaniel, Noah
McDaniel, Preston
McDaniel, Richard
McDaniel, Sarah Ann
McDaniel, Virginia
McDaniel, William
McGill, William H.
McGowen, John T. J.
McGowen, Julian
McGowen, Thomas
McJilton, Amanda
McJilton, Ann F.
McJilton, Eli
McJilton, Elizabeth
McJilton, Lafayette
McJilton, Lydia Ann
McJilton, Melissa
McKinney, Andrew
McKinney, Elizabeth
McKinney, John
McKinney, Joseph
McKinney, Riley
McKinney, Robert
McKinney, Tamsey
McQueen, Johnson
McQueen, Maria
Mears, Caroline
Mears, Henry
Mears, James M.
Mears, Martha
Melton, Alce
Melton, Greenberry
Melton, Isaac
Melton, Lucinda
Melton, Minerva
Melton, Reuben
Mengewasser, Agnes
Mengewasser, Arnold
Mengewasser, Catherina T.
Mengewasser, John
Mengewasser, Michael
Mengewasser, Peter
Mengewasser, Urban
Miedly, Greg
Miedly, Sintha
Miles, Almira
Miles, Andrew
Miles, Caroline
Miles, Charles
Miles, Gilbert
Miles, James
Miles, John
Miles, John M.
Miles, Louisa
Miles, Lydia
Miles, Martha
Miles, Martha
Miles, Matilda
Miller, Abbeline
Miller, Adam
Miller, Davidson
Miller, Eliza Ann
Miller, Elizabeth
Miller, Frances
Miller, Isabel
Miller, Jesse
Miller, John
Miller, John
Miller, John A.
Miller, Lucy
Miller, Malinda
Miller, Martha
Miller, Martha
Miller, Mary Ann
Miller, Matilda
Miller, Melinda
Miller, Minerva A.
Miller, Nancy
Miller, Nathan
Miller, Nelson
Miller, Olthey
Miller, Polly
Miller, Polly
Miller, Rebecca
Miller, Rutha
Miller, Samuel
Miller, Thomas
Miller, Thomas
Miller, Thomas
Miller, William B.
Mills, James E.
Mills, Mary
Milne, Eliza
Milne, Elizabeth
Milne, Harvey
Milne, John
Milne, Sarah
Milne, William
Mires, William
Moody, Eliabeth J.
Moody, Preston T.
Moody, Sarah A.
Moody, William B.
Moody, William L.
Moore, Amelia
Moore, Elizabeth
Moreland, Cerilda
Moreland, Elizabeth
Moreland, Ellen
Moreland, James
Moreland, Pleasant
Morris, Elizabeth
Morris, Ellen
Morris, George O.
Morris, Isaac
Morris, John
Morris, Lucinda
Morris, Marian
Morris, Martha
Morris, Mary
Morris, Priscilla
Morris, Sarah
Moss, Amanda
Moss, Edward
Moss, Edward
Moss, Edward B.
Moss, Elizabeth
Moss, George W.
Moss, James H.
Moss, John
Moss, John T.
Moss, Jonathan
Moss, Joseph A. F.
Moss, Lucinda
Moss, Mary
Moss, Mary
Moss, Mary
Moss, Nancy P.
Moss, Salina
Moss, Sibyl
Moss, Susannah
Moss, Temperance
Moss, Thomas J.
Moss, William
Moss, William
Mundon, Elizabeth
Mundon, George
Mundon, James M.
Mundon, Jesse
Mundon, Rebecca
Murphy, John
Murphy, John
Murphy, Kanillium
Murphy, Lorenzo B.
Murphy, Lucy A.
Murphy, Mary Ann
Murphy, Nancy
Murphy, Polly A. C.
Murphy, Rebecca
Murphy, Thomas
Murphy, William C.
Myers, Armestead
Myers, Delina
Myers, Galen
Myers, Garret L.
Myers, Mary
Nieson, Peter
Night, Arthur T.
Night, Carrisie
Night, John
Night, Thomas
Noblet, Elizabeth
Noblet, Ira
Noblet, William B.
Noblett, Adelinca
Noblett, Franklin
Noblett, Henry
Null, Hercules W.
Null, Nancy A.
Odom, Elisabeth
Odom, Frances
Odom, Henry
Odom, Isaac
Odom, Lucinda
Odom, Margaret
Odom, Neumira
Odom, Rachel
Odom, Robert
Olive, Elizabeth
Olive, Emily
Olive, Mary
Oliver, Elizabeth
Oliver, Sarah
Oliver, William
Orme, Nancy
Orme, Nathan
Orr, Alexander
Orr, Calvin
Orr, James
Orr, John
Orr, Margaret
Orr, Marvel
Orr, Nancy J.
Orr, Temperance
Orr, William
Osborn, Edward
Osborne, John
Owens, Agnes
Owens, Delilah
Owens, Elijah
Owens, Fanny
Owens, James
Owens, James
Owens, Jane
Owens, John
Owens, John
Owens, Leah
Owens, Mahala
Owens, Milton
Owens, Nancy
Owens, Polly
Owens, Samuel
Owens, Sarah
Owens, Sarah
Owens, Stephen
Owens, Thomas
Owens, William
Owsley, Elizabeth
Owsley, Emanuel
Owsley, Henry
Owsley, James
Owsley, John
Owsley, Louisa
Owsley, Mary
Owsley, Nancy
Owsley, Robert
Owsley, Sarah
Owsley, Thomas
Owsley, William
Owsley, William
Owsley, William
Parker, Elizabeth
Parker, Sarah
Patrick, John W.
Patterson, Benjamin
Patterson, Edward
Patterson, George
Patterson, Hannah M.
Patterson, John
Patterson, Margaret
Patterson, Peter
Patterson, William
Pattie, Alonzo
Pattie, James
Pattie, Martha
Pattie, Mary
Pendelton, Andrew
Pendelton, Henry
Pendelton, Richard
Pendelton, Sarah
Pendelton, William
Pennington, Lucy
Perkins, Margaret E.
Perkins, Martha A.
Perkins, Samuel A.
Perkins, William J.
Petty, Elizabeth
Petty, Elizabeth
Petty, Elizabeth
Petty, Elizabeth
Petty, Isaac
Petty, Isaac
Petty, Margaret
Petty, Mary
Petty, Melissa
Petty, Oly
Petty, Samuel
Petty, Sarah
Petty, Tempe
Petty, William
Petty, William
Petty, Wilson
Petty, Wilson
Phelps, Dorcus
Phelps, James
Phelps, Rutha
Phillips, James
Phillips, James
Phillips, Joanna
Phillips, John
Phillips, Lewis
Phillips, Lewis
Phillips, Mary
Phillips, Mary
Phillips, Mary
Pinnell, Asa
Pinnell, Asa
Pinnell, Elizabeth
Pinnell, John
Pinnell, Lunsford
Pinnell, Mary
Pinnell, William
Pinnell, William
Poe, Isaac
Pointer, Betsy
Pointer, Charles
Pointer, Charlotte
Pointer, Dice
Pointer, George R.
Pointer, George W.
Pointer, James
Pointer, James
Pointer, Joanna
Pointer, Joanna
Pointer, John A. J.
Pointer, Lucinda
Pointer, Martha
Pointer, Matilda
Pointer, Nancy
Pointer, Nancy
Pointer, Sarah M.
Pointer, Thomas
Pointer, Thomas
Pointer, Vicinda
Pointer, William
Pointer, William
Pointer, William
Porter, Amanda
Porter, Bryon
Porter, George
Porter, Mary
Porter, William H.
Price, Andrew
Price, David
Price, Elisha
Price, Elizabeth
Price, George
Price, Henry
Price, Jacob
Price, James
Price, John
Price, Martha
Prior, Louisa J.
Pryor, Louisa
Pryor, Martha
Pryor, Rufus
Pryor, Thomas
Quisenberry, Daniel M.
Quisenberry, Elizabeth S.
Quisenberry, George W.
Quisenberry, Harriet M.
Quisenberry, Melinda
Quisenberry, Nancy J.
Quisenberry, William L.
Quisenbery, Ruben S.
Quisenbery, Susan M.
Quisenbury, William
Ragan, Cynthia
Ragan, James
Ragan, James M.
Ragan, Jesse
Ragan, Lydia
Ragan, Martha
Ragan, Mary
Ragan, Nathan W.
Ragan, Sarah Ann
Ragan, William
Rainey, Ann
Rainey, Augustus
Rainey, Elizabath
Rainey, Isabella
Rainey, Leander
Rainey, Thomas H. Benton
Ramsey, Elizabeth
Ramsey, Joseph
Ramsey, Milly
Ramsey, Polly
Ramsey, Reuben
Ramsey, Richard
Ramsey, William
Rand, Amanda
Rand, Elizabeth
Rand, Eveline
Rand, George
Rand, John
Rand, Lewis Cass
Rand, Martin
Rand, Mary
Rand, Moses
Rand, Oliver P.
Rattles, America
Rattles, John
Rattles, Lucy
Rattles, Margaret
Rattles, Polly
Rattles, William
Rattles, William J.
Reed, Caroline
Reed, Daniel
Reed, Delitha
Reed, Edward S.
Reed, Elizabeth
Reed, Enoch
Reed, James
Reed, John
Reed, John
Reed, John
Reed, Jordan
Reed, Lorinda
Reed, Lorinda
Reed, Lucinda
Reed, Lucy
Reed, Mary
Reed, Mary
Reed, Missouri
Reed, Perlina
Reed, Rebecca
Reed, Sarah
Reed, Susan
Reed, William
Reed, William
Reed, William
Reh, George
Reh, Rachel
Revis, Rebeca
Rhodes, Charles
Rhodes, Elizabeth
Rhodes, John
Rhodes, Owen P.
Rhodes, Phineas
Rhodes, Susannah
Richardson, Mary J.
Rickets, Benjamin
Rickets, James
Rickets, Joshua
Rickets, Lavinia
Rickets, Rachel
Ridenhour, Adam
Ridenhour, Betsy
Ridenhour, Eliza
Ridenhour, Eliza A.
Ridenhour, Elizabeth
Ridenhour, Elvira
Ridenhour, Francis
Ridenhour, Jacob
Ridenhour, James
Ridenhour, Jane
Ridenhour, John
Ridenhour, John
Ridenhour, John S.
Ridenhour, Margaret
Ridenhour, Martin
Ridenhour, Rebecca
Ridenhour, Reuben
Ridenhour, Sarah Ann R.
Ridenhour, Thomas
Ridenhour, William
Ridenhour, Wilson
Roach, Elizabeth
Roark, Emily
Roark, James
Roark, Mary
Roark, William
Roberds, George
Roberson, Andrew J.
Roberson, Betsy
Roberson, Betsy A.
Roberson, Catherine
Roberson, Elizabeth
Roberson, George
Roberson, Isaac
Roberson, John
Roberson, John P.
Roberson, Lafayette E.
Roberson, Louisa
Roberson, Mariam
Roberson, Mary
Roberson, Mary E.
Roberson, Nancy M.
Roberson, Obediah
Roberson, Oliva C.
Roberson, Roysden
Roberson, Stephen
Roberts, Amos
Roberts, Barbara
Roberts, Eli
Roberts, Eli
Roberts, Elizabeth
Roberts, Elizabeth
Roberts, Elizabeth
Roberts, Hosia
Roberts, John
Roberts, John
Roberts, Joshua
Roberts, Lucinda
Roberts, Margaret
Roberts, Missouri
Roberts, Nasey
Roberts, Polly
Roberts, Sarah
Roberts, Susan
Roberts, Thomas
Robinson, Ison H.
Rogers , Alexander S.
Rogers, Dause
Rogers , Delinda
Rogers, Elisha
Rogers , Eliza A.
Rogers, Elizabeth
Rogers, George
Rogers, James
Rogers, John
Rogers, Joseph
Rogers, Julia Ann
Rogers , Louisa
Rogers, Louisianna
Rogers , Marthn L.
Rogers, Mary S.
Rogers , Morgan F.
Rogers, Patience
Rogers , Rachel V.
Rogers, Sarah
Rogers, Sarah M.
Rogers, Susannah
Rogers , Susannah
Rogers, William
Rogers, William
Rogers, William J
Rogers, Zunaum
Rowden, A. E.
Rowden, Abraham
Rowden, Abraham
Rowden, Ann
Rowden, Asa
Rowden, Caroline
Rowden, Catherine
Rowden, Francis M.
Rowden, Isaac D.
Rowden, Jacob S.
Rowden, James
Rowden, James
Rowden, James
Rowden, John
Rowden, John H.
Rowden, Malinda
Rowden, Margaret
Rowden, Margaret
Rowden, Margaret
Rowden, Margaret E.
Rowden, Margaret E.
Rowden, Martin V.
Rowden, Mary
Rowden, Mary
Rowden, Melinda
Rowden, Nancy
Rowden, Nancy J.
Rowden, Nathaniel
Rowden, Robert
Rowden, Rufus
Rowden, Sarah
Rowden, Sarah
Rowden, Sarah Ann
Rowden, Satterwhite
Rowden, Silas
Rowden, William
Rowden, William A.
Rowden, William N.
Schnitzler, Antoinetta
Schnitzler, Gertrude
Schnitzler, Henry
Schnitzler, Margaret
Scott, Angelina
Scott, Benjamin
Scott, Cornelius
Scott, Elizabeth
Scott, Elizabeth
Scott, Elizabeth
Scott, Elizabeth
Scott, George
Scott, Harriet
Scott, Henry
Scott, James
Scott, Joel
Scott, Joel A.
Scott, John
Scott, John
Scott, John C.
Scott, Jonathan
Scott, Juliann
Scott, Marie
Scott, Marinda
Scott, Martha
Scott, Martha Ann
Scott, Mary
Scott, Mary
Scott, Mary
Scott, Morgan
Scott, Noah
Scott, Sarah
Scott, Sarah
Scott, Susan
Scott, Thomas
Sevier, Melissa
Sevier, Moses
Sevier, Susan
Sewart, Vincent
Shanks, Catherine
Shanks, Christian
Shanks, David
Shanks, Elizabeth
Shanks, Elizabeth
Shanks, Francis
Shanks, George
Shanks, Hariet
Shanks, Jacob
Shanks, Jacob
Shanks, James
Shanks, John
Shanks, Joseph
Shanks, Linne
Shanks, Mary
Shanks, Mary E.
Shanks, Maryann
Shanks, Michael
Shanks, Munroe
Shanks, Nicholas
Shanks, Samuel
Shivers, Francis
Shivers, Isaac
Shivers, John
Shivers, Polly
Shivers, Sarah Ann
Shivers, Squire
Shivers, William
Shockley, Amos
Shockley, Cecilia
Shockley, Elizabeth
Shockley, Francis
Shockley, Henry
Shockley, James G.
Shockley, James H.
Shockley, Jasper
Shockley, Joseph
Shockley, Louisa J.
Shockley, Mary E.
Shockley, Meridith
Shockley, Monroe
Shockley, Nancy A.
Shockley, Rachael
Shockley, Rutha
Shockley, Sarah
Shockley, Sarah S.
Shockley, Thomas
Shockley, William
Shockley, William
Shores, Lafayette
Simpson, Barnet
Simpson, Benjamin
Simpson, Benjamin
Simpson, Benjamin
Simpson, Benjamin
Simpson, Caroline
Simpson, Catherine
Simpson, Eliza
Simpson, Elizabeth
Simpson, Elizabeth
Simpson, Elizabeth
Simpson, Elizabeth E.
Simpson, Frances
Simpson, Henry
Simpson, Lavinia
Simpson, Mahala
Simpson, Mary
Simpson, Mary
Simpson, Mary
Simpson, Melinda
Simpson, Moses
Simpson, Samuel
Simpson, Sarah
Simpson, Sirena
Simpson, William
Skaggs, Asa
Skaggs, Cintha
Skaggs, David
Skaggs, Eligah
Skaggs, Elizabeth
Skaggs, Elizabeth
Skaggs, Henry
Skaggs, Henry
Skaggs, Henry
Skaggs, Hiram
Skaggs, Joseph
Skaggs, Margaret
Skaggs, Mary
Skaggs, Mary E.
Skaggs, Milly
Skaggs, Nancy J.
Skaggs, Peggy A.
Skaggs, Sarah
Skaggs, Solomon
Skaggs, Thomas
Skaggs, Washington
Skaggs, William
Skaggs, William H.
Slater, Charity
Slater, Harriet
Slater, Lucintha
Slater, Mariann
Slater, Mary
Slater, Minerva
Slater, Nancy
Slater, Richard
Slater, Thomas
Slater, Tilda
Smith, Edwin
Smith, Eliza
Smith, Frances A.
Smith, James J.
Smith, John W.
Smith, Margaret E.
Smith, Martha
Smith, Samuel
Smith, Susan
Smith, William H.
Smithers, Elizabeth
Smithers, George
Smithers, Helen
Smithers, Joel
Smithers, John
Smithers, Thomas
Smithson, Nancy
Snodgrass, Cordelia
Sorles, Eliza
Sorles, Sarah
Sorles, Thomas
Spain, Israel
Starr, John
Starr, Lucy
Starr, Michael
Starr, William
Steinrod, Oliver
Sterling, Abraham
Sterling, Abraham
Sterling, John
Sterling, Joseph
Sterling, Mary
Stewart, Almedia
Stewart, Amanda J.
Stewart, Charles Y.
Stewart, Francis C. M.
Stewart, George W.
Stewart, Hamilton C.
Stewart, Hanah
Stewart, Hannah
Stewart, James
Stewart, James
Stewart, James
Stewart, John B. H.
Stewart, John J.
Stewart, Lazarus
Stewart, Martha Ann
Stewart, Maryann
Stewart, Samuel B.
Stewart, Sarah H.
Stewart, William T.
Stewart, Willliam
Stockton, America
Stockton, Jackson
Stockton, Jacob
Stockton, John
Stockton, John
Stockton, John
Stockton, Joseph
Stockton, Joseph
Stockton, Louisianna
Stockton, Orcemus
Stockton, Orebella
Stockton, Samuel
Stockton, Sarah Ann
Stockton, Susan
Stockton, William
Stratford, Jane
Struemph, Adolphus
Struemph, Agnes
Struemph, Barbara
Struemph, Barbara
Struemph, Barbara
Struemph, Christina
Struemph, George
Struemph, Henry
Struemph, Jacob
Struemph, Jacob
Struemph, John
Struemph, Margaretta
Stubblefield, Absalom
Stubblefield, Catherine
Stubblefield, Henry
Stubblefield, Henry
Stubblefield, Jonathan
Stubblefield, Mary
Stubblefield, Matilda
Stubblefield, Michael
Stubblefield, Nathaniel
Stubblefield, Patsy
Stubblefield, Polly
Stubblefield, Robert
Stubblefield, Sarah
Stubblefield, Susan
Stubblefield, Susanah
Sutton, Benjamin
Sutton, Benjamin
Sutton, Caroline
Sutton, Doctor Franklin
Sutton, Jacob
Sutton, Jacob C.
Sutton, Jesse
Sutton, John
Sutton, John
Sutton, John D.
Sutton, Lucinda
Sutton, Lucinda
Sutton, Maria
Sutton, Mary Ann
Sutton, Massie Jane
Sutton, Patsy
Sutton, Philip
Sutton, Richard
Sutton, Rosanna
Sutton, Samuel
Sutton, Sarah
Sutton, Silas
Sutton, Wlliam
Tacket, Catherine
Tackett, Anas
Tackett, Catherine
Tackett, George
Tackett, George W.
Tackett, Hannah
Tackett, Hannah
Taff, David N.
Taff, James
Taff, James
Taff, John
Taff, John H.
Taff, Mahala
Taff, Maria
Taff, Mary
Taff, Nancy
Taff, Peter
Taff, Sarah
Teague, Calvin
Teague, Delilah
Teague, George
Teague, Henry
Teague, Jesse
Teague, Joab
Teague, John
Teague, John
Teague, Laura
Teague, Logan
Teague, Logan
Teague, Munroe
Teague, Polly
Teague, Sarah
Teague, Sarah
Teague, William L.
Tennison, Joseph
Tennyson, Elvira
Terrell, Catherine
Terrell, Charles
Terrell, Elizabeth
Terrell, Hambleton
Terrell, Jackson
Terrell, John
Terrell, Lucretia
Terrell, Lucretia
Terrell, Martha
Terrell, Nancy
Terrell, Ruben
Terrell, Ruben
Terrill, James W.
Terrill, Susanna
Tharp, Cleopatra
Tharp, Ebby
Tharp, Levi
Tharp, Mary
Tharp, Phoebe
Tharp, Sarah
Thompson, Abraham
Thompson, Edmon
Thompson, Eliza
Thompson, Elizabeth
Thompson, Elizabeth
Thompson, Jacob
Thompson, James
Thompson, John
Thompson, Johnathan
Thompson, Mahala
Thompson, Martha
Thompson, Mary
Thompson, Susan
Thompson, William
Thompson, William
Thomson, Moses
Thornton, James
Thornton, James
Thornton, Joseph
Thornton, Marttha
Thornton, Presly
Thornton, William
Tiller, Andrew
Tiller, Sarah
Tiller, William
Tramell, Alexander
Tungate, David M.
Tungate, Eliza A.
Tungate, George W.
Tungate, Hezekiah
Tungate, Jerimiah
Tungate, John B.
Tungate, Mary
Tungate, Sarah A.
Tyree, Cordelia
Tyree, Ellen
Tyree, Israel
Tyree, James H.
Tyree, Louisa
Tyree, Malinda
Tyree, Malinda
Tyree, Martha J
Tyree, Polly
Tyree, Satte W.
Vandergriff, Catherine
Vandergriff, Henderson
Vandergriff, Isaac
Vandergriff, Martha M.
Vandergriff, William R.
Vanderpool, Phebe
Vaughan, Alexander S.
Vaughan, Allen
Vaughan, Cynthia
Vaughan, Elizabeth J.
Vaughan, James
Vaughan, Jane
Vaughan, John
Vaughan, John
Vaughan, John C.
Vaughan, Lucinda
Vaughan, Lucretia J.
Vaughan, Margaret
Vaughan, Marian
Vaughan, Nancy
Vaughan, Nancy
Vaughan, Nancy
Vaughan, Rachel
Vaughan, Samuel C.
Vaughan, Sarah
Vaughan, William
Vaughan, William
Vaughan, William H.
Vaughan, William J. W.
Vineyard, Betsy
Vineyard, David
Vineyard, George
Vineyard, Jackson
Vineyard, Miriam
Vineyard, Nancy
Vineyard, Stacey
Walker, Jane
Walker, William
Wallace, Alexander
Wallace, Cintha
Wallace, Eliza
Wallace, Elizabeth
Wallace, James A.
Wallace, Zadeina
Walter, Daniel
Walter, John
Walter, Margaretta
Walter, Mary
Walter, Monroe
Walter, Sarah
Walter, Sarah
Walton, Mahala
Ward, Anthony
Ward, Harriet
Ward, John A.
Ward, Lawson
Ward, Louisa
Ward, William
Warren, Campbell
Watson, Benjamin
Watson, Catherine
Watson, Elisha
Watson, Eliza
Watson, Elizabeth
Watson, Jacob
Watson, Jacob
Watson, James
Watson, James
Watson, James
Watson, John
Watson, Lucy
Watson, Lydia
Watson, Lydia
Watson, Lydia
Watson, Martin
Watson, Massy
Watson, Nancy
Watson, Richard
Watson, Richard
Watson, Sarah
Watson, Susan
Watson, Thomas
Watson, William
Watson, William
Weaver, Elizabeth
Weddel, Amos
West, Angelina
West, Baillis
West, Betsy
West, Catherine
West, Charles
West, David
West, Dixon
West, Gideon
West, Gideon P.
West, Hardin
West, James
West, James
West, James
West, Jane
West, John
West, John
West, Mahala
West, Mark
West, Nancy
West, Nancy
West, Nancy
West, Nathaniel W. W.
West, Polly
West, Polly Ann
West, Samuel
West, Samuel
West, Samuel
West, Sarah
West, Thomas
West, William
West, William
West, Winnie
Weyen, Heinrich
Wherry, Clarissa
Wherry, Margaretta
Wherry, Mary
Wherry, Sidney C.
White, Charity
White, James
White, Rebecca
White, Reuben
Wilkinson, Andrew
Wilkinson, Betsy
Wilkinson, John
Wilkinson, Mary
Wilkinson, Nancy
Wilkinson, William
Williams, Betsy
Williams, Catherine
Williams, Cynthia
Williams, Elizabeth
Williams, Elizabeth
Williams, Fleming
Williams, George
Williams, George
Williams, Hardy
Williams, Henry
Williams, Jefferson
Williams, Jemimia
Williams, John
Williams, Louisa
Williams, Margaret
Williams, Mariam
Williams, Mary
Williams, Nancy
Williams, Nathan
Williams, Philip
Williams, Polly
Williams, Rebecca
Williams, Robert J.
Williams, Sarah
Williams, Sarah
Williams, Thomas
Williams, William
Williams, William W.
Willie, Ellen
Wilson, Adeline
Wilson, Ally
Wilson, America
Wilson, Betsy
Wilson, Betsy
Wilson, Buena Vista
Wilson, Daniel
Wilson, David
Wilson, David
Wilson, Eliza
Wilson, Elizabeth
Wilson, George
Wilson, George
Wilson, George
Wilson, George W.
Wilson, Harriet
Wilson, Hesther Ann
Wilson, Hugh
Wilson, James
Wilson, James
Wilson, James
Wilson, James
Wilson, Jemima
Wilson, Jesse L.
Wilson, John
Wilson, John
Wilson, John
Wilson, John
Wilson, John
Wilson, John
Wilson, Jonathan
Wilson, Joseph
Wilson, Joseph
Wilson, Judith
Wilson, Louisa
Wilson, Lydia
Wilson, Lydia
Wilson, Malissa
Wilson, Margaret
Wilson, Mariam
Wilson, Martha
Wilson, Martha J.
Wilson, Mary
Wilson, Mary
Wilson, Mary Ann
Wilson, Melinda
Wilson, Melinda
Wilson, Michael
Wilson, Nancy
Wilson, Nancy
Wilson, Nancy
Wilson, Nathan
Wilson, Newton
Wilson, Phebe
Wilson, Polly
Wilson, Rachel E.
Wilson, Reuben
Wilson, Reuben
Wilson, Robert
Wilson, Robert
Wilson, Sampson L.
Wilson, Samuel
Wilson, Samuel
Wilson, Sarah
Wilson, Sarah Ann
Wilson, Sinai
Wilson, Sinai
Wilson, Susan
Wilson, Wesley
Wilson, William
Wilson, William
Wilson, William
Wilson, William
Wilson, Zilpa
Winingham, Lucinda
Winingham, Richard
Winningham, Sarah
Winningham, Stacy
Winston, Lidia
Winston, Timothy
Wolf, John
Wolf, Mary
Wolf, Sarah
Wolf, William V.
Woods, Amanda
Woods, Elizabeth W
Woods, John H.
Woods, John H.
Woods, Lucinda P.
Woods, Mary Ann
Woods, Mira J.
Woods, Nancy T.
Woods, Samuel W.
Woods, Sarah
Woods, Sarah S.
Woods, Virginia
Woods, William V.
Woody, Elizabeth
Woody, Fanny G.
Woody, Henry
Woody, John
Woody, Lucy
Woody, Matilda H.
Woody, Nancy
Woody, Nancy
Woody, Napoleon
Woody, Robert M.
Woody, Sarah
Woody, Sparrel
Woody, Taswell
Young, Rebecca
Zevley, Labius