Love's Touch

By Michael Gene Miller
Copyright © 2004
All rights reserved

a hand brushes a face,
a look leaves a trace,
two sighs entwine and spiral upward,
leaving a heated trail

the air warms,
a mist forms,
the droplets surround them,
begins the tale

a kiss lingers,
slowly fingers,
touch and leave a trace,
tingling nerves

a hand caresses,
falling tresses,
two bodies closely bind,
their curves

tongues begin their dance,
enhancing the trance,
senses move to grow higher,
and feel

skin touches skin,
the sensation begins,
bringing to the surface,
the real

emotion grows,
the lover knows,
to nurture every touch,
with another

the bodies combine,
in senses sublime,
the only thing they see now,
is each other

the passion now flows,
surroundings go,
far away as love encloses,
their embrace

two souls as one,
the ecstasy begun,
mounting passion shows the way,
to grace

bliss does come,
our binding done,
our bodies become one,
our love is such

we explode together,
down our path forever,
we begin our love,
with just a touch

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