Time and Space and Love

By Michael Gene Miller
Copyright © 1993
All rights reserved

In time, the newness would wear off and the routine would set in. It always did. Forever gone were the days when each day was a wonderful and exciting new adventure. The time had passed when morning was a time of joy and celebration. The days had gotten quiet and still. The spark of life had dwindled and grown colder in the past few years. Friends had died and gone on to greener pastures. Relatives had slowly disappeared over the horizon. Life was different now than it had been a few decades ago.
This new love was a light of brightness, a ray of hope in an otherwise bleak and hopeless future. Maybe a miracle would happen and it would last long enough to bring back memories of a time long past, when love was a promise of forever made in haste by impetuous youth who had no idea how short life really is. In the blink of an eye, the good and the bad rush by and you are left with a feeling that you were not really there at all, as if you had only dreamed it all and then woke up to find that life had ended while you were asleep.
Love was the only dream worth remembering. The feeling of smooth, soft skin touching yours as you lay sleeping. The sound of your name being called by someone who adores you. The touch of the hand that held yours as you watched the Autumn leaves slowly drift to the ground. The way your heart pounded as you walked up to the front porch on your way home, anticipating what waited for you behind that big white door.
Tomorrow seemed more distant than ever, mysterious and elusive, calling to you yet never quite there when you arrived. Each day could be the last, and every minute was another pause to reflect upon the infinity of the universe and the immortality of the human spirit. Nothing ever really died. It simply changed form. The womb, the physical life, the spiritual hereafter, they were all just transitory vehicles which take us to the next level. There was no reincarnation. Life travels in a straight line, one form to the next. You jump from vehicle to vehicle and never look back, and the next one was always better than the last.
Fatigue must be setting in. Thoughts were getting more and more blurred as the evening wore on. Abstract concepts were beginning to make sense. The logic of life was beginning to smear and run down across the thoughts that dart through your head in the late hours of the night.......or was it the other way around? If you close your eyes you can be anywhere you like, but when you open them, you see where you really are: you see yourself; you see everything around you; you see life.
Forever was a big word. It carried an echo with it. Whenever you say the word "forever", you immediately have to think about what it means. It means what you think it means. It means forever. It means everchanging but neverending. It means everything.
Time is only an illusion. There is only now. There is only here. This is the only place you can be. No matter how big you imagine the universe to be, that is still where you are. No matter how far back or how far ahead you look, you are still looking from here and now. We cannot move. We cannot leave. We cannot know. We can only live. That is our job: to live. Whatever that means to you, you must do it. However that makes you feel, that is what you must be feeling. We are trapped in paradise. Enjoy yourself while you can.
The doorbell rang and she blinked quickly several times before getting up to answer the door. She smiled as she remembered the first time she saw him at the grocery store where she shopped. He was an angel. She stopped for a second by the mirror to check her appearance and just shook her head as she realized that it was too late to worry about appearances. Life had dealt her a hand and she had played it. She was who she was going to be. She was a spirit in transit. She was forever. She was going to enjoy herself.

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