Douglass Frank Durham
born 9/26/37

Doug Durham who claimed to be 1/4 Chipewa, played an important role in the AIM confrontation of Wounded Knee.   He had become so trusted, that the leaders of AIM appointed him to head of security.   He was in fact, a paid informer/operative of the F.B.I.   AIM women noticed right away that even with his headband, beaded belt buckle, and turquoise jewelry, that he also dyed his hair to make it appear darker.   One of these women, Anna Mae Pictou Aquash, suspected even further - that he was some sort of govenment agent.   Anna Mae just might have paid for those beliefs with her life.   During the 1975 Wounded Knee trials in St. Paul Minnesota, he was confronted with evidence that he was an informer.   He confessed, and was removed from the AIM.

In 1976, the Internal Security Subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary Committee issued a report on AIM.   In compiling this report, only one witness appeared before the Committee when it met in April 1976.   Douglass Frank Durham. No Indians testified at the hearing.   Douglass Frank Durham did present several lies and statements to suggest savage acts by AIM members.   All without corroboration.   In fact, some of his statements contradicted other statements made by him.   One in particular was an account he described as taking place on Easter Sunday (April 22) 1973.   He claimed that in the occupied area of Wounded Knee, AIM members hung a man from a cross, in full view of marshals and members of the press, and proceeded to beat the body for a period of six hours.   The event he described never happened!

In 1973, Dr. Connie (Redbird) Pinkerman discovered documentation about the BIA-IHS genocidal policy of sterilization of native women at the infamous Claremont BIA hospital.   In 1974, she testified about this to the U.S. Congress.   When she returned through the Denver airport, there was an attempt to assassinate Connie with a silenced sharpshooter-rifle.   At this time in 1974, Connie was "marked for death" by Douglass Durham, the FBI-CIA-Army Intelligence infiltrator.   Durham prepared a flyer and poster announcing Connie was a government informer and had been sentenced to death by an AIM tribunal.   He approached several AIM warriors of various violent backgrounds soliciting them to kill her.   Several of them have told her about this.

Doug Durham was also involved in drug smuggling, using ARMY planes.   He also ran some illegal gambling establishments in Iowa.   With a background such as this, it made him a prime and valuable consultant to New York authorities during the 1989/1990 gambling/anti-gambling Mohawk Tribal war at Akwesasne.   He was, and still might be ARMY Intelligence, and associated with the FBI.   He now lives in Dallas, Texas.   He lives in a communal house in Dallas, said by some to be a Satanist group.   Said by others, to be some sort of government covert operation.   Personal items worth mentioning; he is always armed, he carries small hidden guns and knives, he is known as a disguise expert, he knows about demolition methods and products, he taught infiltration/ex-filtration techniques, and he is still active.

The latest update I have on him places him on the east coast Pow-Wow circuit.   He has been seen at Pow-Wows driving a dark green Dodge van, with a bumper sticker that says "Proud to be Native American".  The vehicle carries a Virginia tag, even though he claims to live in Oklahoma.

Published March 06, 2004.


Douglass Frank Durham, 66, of Las Vegas, died Feb. 22, 2004. He was a retired businessman and served in the U.S. Marine Corps, 1956-1959. Services will be held later this month in Galatia, Ill.