Mark Hardin - convicted child molester

Remember this face!
Alert security if you see him at any Native American event.
Read below for the reasons.

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Note: We will update this photo as soon as we can.
The following are a series of notices about this "man" beginning with March 2000, and added to as they are received.

March 2000
Hardin is currently under arraignment in Bemidjmi, Minn. for gross felony sexual abuse, but he is free on bail and continues to dance at powwows where he can gain admittance. Hardin has been escorted out of powwows by security at Red Lake and Leech Lake..Hardin has plea bargained in the past to the same charges and was ordered to have no contact with young children as part of the plea bargin..Hardin fancies himself "a mentor" to young indian boys..he makes roaches and dance outfits for boys..Hardin also sells roaches thruout the powwow circuit here in the midwest. Hardin is an accomplished "con artist" with of gift of gab, who has gained support from many individuals in the indian community..after gaining the trust of parents he takes young boys on sleepovers to his house, or to powwows in the his court appearence in Bemidji, Minn. on Monday, Feb. 28, his case was postponed..when leaving the courtroom, Hardin discretely flipped off the family and supporters of his most recent victim in the hallway...Hardins next court appearance will be April 19, 9 am at the courthouse in Bemidji..Hardin is in possession of eagle feathers, and has in the past given away eagle feathers to young male dancers at powwows..any eagle feathers in Mark Hardins possession need to be confiscated by a spirirtual leader or Indian veteren..

June 2000
Protest Mark Hardin sentencing
From: (Bernard & Feather Rock)

There will be a protest by the local Indian Community in front of the Beltrami County Courthouse in Bemidji, Minn. on Monday, June 26, beginning at 8 a.m. before the sentencing of Mark Hardin, who has been allowed to plea bargain a charge of felony sexual contact with a minor, for the second time.

July 2000
Hardin, is currently in the Beltrami County Jail. (as of July 1, 2000) With credit for time served and time off for good behavior, Hardin, a non-indian will serve less than 6 monthes in jail, on his second plea bargain to gross felony sexual abuse of a minor in two years. There is a no contact with minors order on Hardin as part of his probation agreement.

For more information about this "man", contact;
North Central Minnesota Native American Veterans Outreach & Resource Center
6936 Little Wolf Road NW
Leech Lake Ojibwe Reservation
Cass Lake, MN 56633, USA
fax 218-335-6787