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Anne McLellan (Minister of Justice) Canada
She holds a report that could set Leonard FREE

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The following is from information forwarded to me;
 Peter Mancini, the New Democratic Party (NDP) Member of Parliament who has
 been point man in the Canadian House of Commons in this fight since Warren
 Allmand retired, is urging the Minister of Justice (''the Honorable'' Anne
 McLellan) about her refusal to make public that ''Report on the Internal
 Review of the Extradition of Mr. Leonard Peltier''.

 As you may recall Peter succeeded in nailing the Justice Minister on 11
 May 98, during Question Period, asking her why this report, of an internal
 review commenced in June of 1995 and completed shortly thereafter, still
 hadn't been made public. She answered that she would ''consider releasing
 it only after the Privacy Commissioner's office had screened it to ensure
 that any info it contained wouldn't divulge names of informants, etc..''

 Well, (with a nudge or two) the Privacy Commissioner's office cleared it
 on 09 June 98 (telling me that they'd received it only on 02 June, almost
 a month after the ''Honorable Minister of the Crown'' stated she was awaiting
 it's return from the Privacy Commissioner's office). The National Director
 of Investigations for the Privacy Commissioner's office also mentioned to
 me (verbally) that there had been ''nothing to delete, no apparent
 reason why it can't be made public..''

 So it was back onto the ''Honorable Minister's'' phone, fax & email lines..
 She is the ONLY person who can either release that report.., or keep it
 hidden from public view. To date, she refuses to release it.

 During some recent conversations I had with Warren Allmand, he mentioned
 that he'd had a meeting with the Minister in her office, at which time he
 had to tell her who Leonard Peltier is, since she claimed she'd never
 heard of him. warren told her that if she didn't release that report
 ''within a reasonable delay..'' that he would hold a press conference and
 release his own ''report'' on Leonard's illegal extradition in 76, and the
 silent complicity of Canada's government to ignore Canadian law in this
 case, and the ''canadian public will wonder "why?''..

 Warren was the Solicitor-General of Canada (like the A-G in USA) when his
 cabinet colleague, then-Minister of Justice Ron Bassford, signed the
 extradition papers handing Leonard over to the US for that farce of a
 trial in Fargo. Not too long after that the irrefutable proof came out
 showing that the FBI had clearly fabricated the ''evidence'' that formed the
 basis for the extradition request. Warren has been fighting to get leonard
 free ever since. He retired from Canada's parliament in 97 and was appointed
 president of the International Centre for Human rights and Democratic
 Development, a UN-affiliated Human rights organization based in Montreal.
 He is no lightweight.

 By Canadian law, (as pointed out by Canada's Supreme Court in the hearing
 on Leonard's extradition held in 1989) an extradition based on falsified
 evidence nullifies that writ of extradition. The government of Canada, by
 its own laws, by virtue of the International Conventions Governing
 Diplomatic Protocols (which both the US and Canadian govts signed and
 ratified)..,  and as ''strongly suggested'' by the Supreme Court of Canada in
 1989, would HAVE TO present the US Ambassador to Canada with a formal
 Diplomatic Protest demanding that Mr. Leonard Peltier be immediately
 returned to Canadian soil.., where he would be 100% free!!

 Now Peter Mancini has another question ready for the ''honorable Minister''
 the first chance he gets to pose a question during Question Period. Given
 the way Parliamentary procedures work, that may be tomorrow or 2-3 weeks
 from now.., but he WILL ask why, six months after she answered in May,
 that report is still not public..

 Leonard could use a few more voices asking the ''honorable Minister'' that
 same question.. Voices such as YOURS!!

 LPDC-Canada (Frank & Annie, still fighting hard) will soon be starting a
 petition drive among Members of Parliament and (I think) a public petition
 drive asking that the report be released. You can add your voice to that
 petition, or to one YOU start to circulate and send to Peter Mancini. And
 you can also phone/fax/email the ''honorable Minister'', asking her why she
 won't release a report that Canada's Privacy Commissioner ok'd for
 release, after she stated, in the House of Commons on 11 May 98, that she
 WOULD release that report as soon as the Privacy Commissioner's office
 ok'd it for release...

 There's a lot going on behind the scenes here, folks.. Peter Mancini, a
 Member of Parliament and official Justice Critic for the NDP in the House,
 also requested a copy of that report under the Access to Information Act
 (like the US FOI Act).. It was denied by direct order of the Minister of

 The letter informing Peter that his request was denied also let slip other
 item of interest.., to the effect that access to the forty-seven (47)
 police and government files referred to in the report was also denied.
 Forty-seven files listed about Leonard Peltier's extradition in 1976..,
 some with the notation ''RCMP'' (Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Canada's
 FBI), some with ''MJ'' or ''SG'' (Minister of Justice, Solicitor-General)
 AND.., many with the notations ''EA/DFAIT''.. which is External
 Affairs/Department of Foreign Affair & International Trade.. Canada's
 ''Secretary of State''...

 Hmm? Does anyone on this planet still believe that Leonard's arrest,
 conviction, 23 years of incarceration & several mysterious murder attempts
 while in prison are NOT politically motivated ..?!?

 To contact Peter Mancini, the NDP MP fighting for Leonard (with your
 thanks & encouragement or with copies of your correspondence with or petitions
 to the ''honorable Minister'')..

 Mr. Peter Mancini
 MP for Sydney-Victoria
 tel: (613) 995-6459
 fax: (613) 995-2963
 email: "Mancini, Peter - Assistant 1"

 To let the ''honorable Minister'' know how you feel about her sitting on
 that report FOR NO APPARENT REASON, or to send her your suggestions and
 Christmas Wish List..

 The Hon. Anne McLellan
 MP for Edmonton West
 Minister of Justice of Canada
 tel: (613) 992-4524
 fax: (613) 996-4516

  Thank you!

By My Signature I Ask You to Release The
Report on the Internal Review of the Extradition of Mr. Leonard Peltier
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