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Anne McLellan (Minister of Justice) Canada
She holds a report that could set Leonard FREE

This is new, from Brussels.

[seal Belgian Chambre of Representatives]

                        Brussels, January 5, 1999

                        To the Honourable Anne McLellan
                        Minister of Justice
                        Government of Canada

Your Honourable,

On March 13, 1997, the Belgian Chambre of Representatives
unanimously adopted a resolution on behalf of Leonard Peltier,
requesting the United States Congress to hold a hearing on his
case. As you know, the Canadian government is involved in
specific elements of this case.

Leonard Peltier was extradited to the United States on the basis
of affidavits that have been acknowledged to be false by the
Supreme Court of Canada and by the US-government in June 1989.
In its 1989 decision the Supreme Court of Canada stated that the
USA was "less than fortright" in the extradition application, that the
affidavits used to obtain the extradition were "suspect to the point
of fraud". The Supreme Court therefore urged the Canadian
government to "seek immediate and effective diplomatic redress."
The etradition was also subject of debate in the Canadian

I have been informed than an internal review of the case of
Leonard Peltier has been made and has been cleared on June 8,
1998. It can now be released at your discretion. Under the terms
of the extradition treaty between the US and Canada, if the party
requesting extradition is shown to have made the request
fraudulently, regardless of intent to do so, the person so extradited
must immediately be returned to the country they were extradited
from. it is obvious that if te review that Leonard Peltier's extraditio
was fraudulently obtained, Canada must demand Peltier's return
to Canadian soil.

I do realize and understand that this case has diplomatic
repercussions for the relationship between Canada and its most
important economic partner, neighbour and friend. Justice and
human dignity are however principles that can not be compromised.
I know that Canada is a country that upholds respect for himan
rights as an essential elements of its policy. Indeed, I have been
able to admire personally in May 1998 the good work that your
embassador is doing in Colombia. Doubtless, the Canadian
government is doing much more in many other countries. Canada
and the United States, as Belgium, are functioning democracies.
As I know from my own national experience, democracies are
not infallible. However what distinguishes democracies from any
other forms of governance is their ability to learn from mistakes,
even to become better.

May I request the Honourable Minister of Justice of Canada to
release the review on extradition of Leonard Peltier and to act
accordingly. I trust that you will come to a just and fair decision,
based on the contents of the case.

Most sincerely,

Lode Vanoost
Member of the Chambre of Representatives
[Belgian Parliament]

If you would, please make a few comments of your own to Ms. Anne McLellan. The Hon. Anne McLellan MP for Edmonton West Minister of Justice of Canada tel: (613) 992-4524 fax: (613) 996-4516 email: FOR LEONARD, Thank you!

By My Signature I Ask You to Release The
Report on the Internal Review of the Extradition of Mr. Leonard Peltier
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