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Anne McLellan (Minister of Justice) Canada
She holds a report that could set Leonard FREE

     This is something you can do in addition to the letters to Ms. McLellan.
First, find the closest office of the Canadian government to where you live.
This can be an Embassy, a Consulate office, Diplomatic or Trade mission,
whatever you can turn up.   Once found - call/FAX/email/visit/write (or any
combination of those) and demand that the report be released.  Keep doing
it until the report is released.  If you wish to - add that you are boycotting
any and all Canadian products until the report is released, and/or that you
had planned a trip to Canada this summer, but unless the report is released,
you will not be going.  In other words, hit the pocketbook of the Canadian
trade merchants, and let them complain to Ms. McLellan.  Let her feel some
heat from the people she is supposed to represent.

     Now, as long as you are here reading this - why not take a moment to
send a message - (or another message if you have already sent one), to
Ms. McLellan.  Keep the pressure on - stop back by here often and send
her an update on your feelings about her sitting on this report.

 The Hon. Anne McLellan
 MP for Edmonton West
 Minister of Justice of Canada
 Phone: (613) 992-4524
 FAX: (613) 996-4516

  Thank you!

By My Signature I Ask You to Release The
Report on the Internal Review of the Extradition of Mr. Leonard Peltier
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