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Artist: Jerome Bushyhead - Coyote Walks By - a fascinating Cheyenne artist (picture is copyrighted - please don't download). Click on the picture to visit his gallery. Sadly Jerome passed on April 15, 2000 but the gallery site has an insight into the life of this man.

oAmerican Indian Cultural Support Organization

oAT&T online directory service. (lots of "popup" window advertising.)

oFAIR (Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting)

oInstitute for Global Communications.

oNative American Rights Fund (NARF) - Legal resources &, library, Treaty info.

oAmerican Civil Liberties Union - ACLU - site index page (with a site search)

oU.S. Department of the Interior website
(Available only when the court order allows since the court found SERIOUS security problems and ordered the site taken off the internet.)

oBureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)
This site is the one really ordered shut down by the federal judge during the contempt trial of the Secretary of the Interior concerning the theft of $10 BILLION dollars from American Indians by the U.S. government.

oIndian Health Service

oLexisNexis Academic & Library Solutions (access to many documents)

oSearch for bills and laws in either the house or senate

oU.S. Senators and Representatives via clickable map

oU.S. Senate Committee on Indian Affairs

o John McCain Chairman Senate Committee on Indian Affairs

oByron I. Dorgan - Vice Chairman Senate Committee on Indian Affairs

oAmerican Indian College Fund

oAmerican Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES)

oCherokee of North Carolina Homepage

oCherokee of Oklahoma

oNative American Times' official website for American Indian news,formerly Oklahoma Indian Times

oNative American Documents Project

oDiana Elizabeth Stanley - Native American Art. The Shapeshifter

oNative American Artists' Home Page.
Featuring works by; Joanne Swanson (Inupiaq), Urshel Taylor (Pima), L. David Eveningthunder (Shoshone), Dana Tiger (Creek), Jerome Bushyhead (Cheyenne)

oJohn Guthrie - Cherokee Artist Gallery

oIndian Pueblo Cultural Center

oMakah Nation's Page

oThe Midwest Treaty Network

oTraditional Subjects - Photography by James Cook

oUNITY - United National Indian Tribal Youth

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