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Jeff Gordon's 93 NASCAR Winston Cup wins! (Plus 3 Winstons)
4 time Winston Cup Champion 1995, 1997, 1998, 2001!
Iron man record of 797 starts

1993 - Rookie of the year
1994 - Charlotte 600, Indianapolis 400
check.gifcheck.gifcheck.gifcheck.gifcheck.gifcheck.gifcheck.gifWC Champion
1995 - Rockingham, Atlanta, Bristol, Daytona 400, Loudon, Darlington, (The Winston), Dover
1996 - Richmond, Darlington, Bristol, Dover, Pocono, Talladega, Darlington, Dover, Matinsville, North Wilksboro
check.gifcheck.gifcheck.gifcheck.gifcheck.gifcheck.gifcheck.gifcheck.gifcheck.gifcheck.gifWC Champion
1997 - Daytona 500, Rockingham, Bristol, Martinsville, (The Winston), Charlotte 600, Pocono, Fontana, Watkins Glen, Darlington, Loudon
check.gifcheck.gifcheck.gifcheck.gifcheck.gifcheck.gifcheck.gifcheck.gifcheck.gifcheck.gifcheck.gifcheck.gifcheck.gifWC Champion
1998 - Rockingham, Bristol, Charlotte 600, Sears Point, Pocono, Indianapolis 400, Watkins Glenn, Michigan, New Hampshire, Darlington, Daytona 400, Rockingham, Atlanta
1999 - Daytona 500, Atlanta, Fontana, Sears Point, Watkins Glen, Martinsville, Charlotte
2000 - Talladega, Sears Point, Richmond
check.gifcheck.gifcheck.gifcheck.gifcheck.gifcheck.gifWC Champion
2001 - Las Vegas, (The Winston), Dover, Michigan, Indianapolis, Watkins Glen, Kansas
2002 - Bristol, Darlington, Kansas
2003 - Martinsville, Martinsville, Atlanta
2004 - Talladega, Fontana, Sonoma, Daytona 400, Indianapolis
2005 - Daytona 500, Martinsville, Talladega, Martinsville
2006 - Sonoma, Chicago
2007 - Pheonix, Talladega, Darlington, Pocono, Talladega, Charlotte
2009 - TEXAS!
2011 - Pheonix, Pocono, Atlanta
2012 - Pocono, Homestead
2013 - Martinsville
2014 - Kansas, Indianapolis, Michigan, Dover
2015 - Martinsville
20CAR.gif - 14oldspice.gif - 14_Stewart.jpg

Tony Stewart 49 NASCAR Cup wins. 3 time Cup Champion.
1999 - Richmond, Pheonix, Homestead
2000 - Dover, Michigan, Louden, Dover, Martinsville, Homestead
2001 - Richmond, Sears Point, Bristol
check.gifcheck.gifcheck.gifWC Champion
2002 - Atlanta, Richmond, Watkins Glen
2003 - Pocono, Charlotte
2004 - Chicago, Watkins Glen
check.gifcheck.gifcheck.gifcheck.gifcheck.gifNEXTEL Champion
2005 - Sears Point, Daytona 400, New Hampshire, Indy 400, Watkins Glen
2006 - Martinsville, Daytona 400, Kansas, Atlanta, Texas
2007 - Chicago, Indy 400, Watkins Glen
2008 - Talladega
2009 - All-Star, Pocono, Daytona 400, Watkins Glen, Kansas
2010 - Atlanta, Fontana
check.gifcheck.gifcheck.gifcheck.gifcheck.gifSprint Cup Champion
2011 - Chicago, New Hampshire, Martinsville, Texas, Homestead
2012 - Las Vegas, Fontana, Daytona 400
2013 - Dover
2016 - Sonoma

NASCAR history (work in progress)

NASCAR combined 2017


Some drivers who are missed.
James (Jimmy) Clark Jr. 1936-1968
Mark Donohue 1937-1975
Rob Moroso 1968-1990
Alan Kulwicki 1954-1993
Davy Allison 1961-1993
Neil Bonnet 1946-1994
Adam Petty 1980-2000
Dale Earnhardt 1951-2001
Dan Weldon 1978-2011
Bryan Clauson 1989-2016
All special in their own ways, and all taken from us much too soon.


#1 Jamie McMurray;
A good driver, a really nice guy. Hard to explain the lack of wins and poor finishes. A good restrictor plate racer, and runs up front at larger tracks, just can't seem to close the deal. Equipment?

#2 Brad Keselowski;
A cry baby who likes to dish out rough driving, but can't take it when he gets back what he dishes out. VERY forgetable guy. Just a punk.

#3 Austin Dillon;
A bold move by Childress to put his grandson into the #3 car, but Austin has already proven he respects his position and will continue to prove it is a good choice on the race track.

#4 Kevin Harvick;
Maybe unfairly put into a position and expected to perform when he was put into the Richard Childress car after Dale Earnhardt died, but he did just that - he performed. He won early in that ordeal and put to rest a lot of possible criticisms. He is a good driver, but his attitude does not make me a fan of his. Throwing a punch a Kyle Busch almost made me a fan however. 2014 with SHR results in a well deserved championship. Almost taking the championship for 2015 impressive. Well on the way for another championship for 2017.

#5 Kasey Kahne;
Great driver, in good equipment that should be more dependable this year.

#6 Trevor Bayne;
Great kid, great driver. If Roush can recover the equipment this year, both Bayne and Stenhouse should get wins.

#7 Michael Annett;
Good driver, but has not had great success. Maybe the quality of equipment is to blame for most of that though.

#10 Danica Patrick;
A racer! She asks a ton of questions, and then she listens to the answers and puts them to use. That alone means she is serious about learning to drive these big stock cars. I really like her attitude, not to mention obvious driving talent. The media circus has to be somewhat of a distraction, but an important part of what any driver does is sponsor exposure - she has certainly excelled at that! She seems to listen intently to Kevin Harvick, and he seems willing to instruct, so this fact alone could propel her forward. She previously listened to Mark Martin - obviously learned from him. Danica surprised me with great runs at Kansas, Darlington, and some short tracks, hope she can capture the confidence and continue runs like those.

#11 Denny Hamlin;
A great talent. A nice guy. A cup series champion one day. Maybe this year.

#13 Casey Mears;
A really nice guy, and a good driver.

#14 Clint Bowyer;
A driver who held a great deal of respect from me until the night he decided his arm "itched", and he threw it all away. Now, just another cheater.

#16 ;

#17 Ricky Stenhouse;
A proven talent, a nice guy, and if Roush can supply better equipment this year he will win a race.

#18 Kyle Busch;
Kyle WAS a much better driver than his brother, he HAD more of a head on his shoulders, but now he has followed in the footsteps of his brother the idiot. He drives like his brother now, so just call him "little idiot". The Blah brothers should both go back to Vegas and stay there. The brothers are both dumb as rocks. Driving talent cannot make up for attitude. Wins may come, but not respect. Kyle Bush is a slimeball dragging NA$CAR into the muck.

#19 Daniel Suarez;
A proven talent, and hard working young man. JGR is however a racist organization, I expect some conflict.

#20 Matt Kenseth;
Good solid driver who tries very hard to get things done, and usually succeeds at the task. Hope he has another good run this year.

#21 Ryan Blaney;
Full-time schedule for the Wood Brothers with assistance of Penske. Ryan is a great driver. I see wins this year.

#22 Joey Logano;
Incredible talent, and a very funny guy.

#24 Chase Elliot;
Great driver, impressive record, hope he does what is expected of him. So far he has been very good, but without that all important win.

#26 Cole Whitt;
This guy showed some potential in the Nationwide series, but didn't finish all that well. If he can get his confidence back, expect a lot - if not?

#27 Paul Menard;
Seems to be a popular driver with a lot of people. He can be fast at times, but does not seem to drive with his head most of the time. In fact it appears that he has more car than he can handle most of the time. He brought sponsorship dollars with him to buy the ride! Field filler at best. Jerk.

#30 ??????;
The team has some good equipment, no word on driver so far.

#31 Ryan Newman;
Very impressive driver. Ryan is a better driver than the stats show. Came very close to winning 2014 championship.

#41 Kurt Busch;
A driver that does not EVER use his head. He still makes rookie mistakes (both on and off the track it seems) even though he is no longer a rookie. Kurt won the 2004 NA$CAR playoff lottery and got the championship. The little twerp thought it was all about him. I have absolutely no respect for him. NONE. NADA. ZIP. Too stupid even to realize you need snow before trying to make a snow "angel", it just doesn't work on a 104 degree track surface. Dumb as a rock. He IS (without question) a disruption for the other drivers at SHR.

#42 Kyle Larson;
Great driver, great guy. Lack of wins point to equipment more than driver/crew. He could win several this year as the cars seem to be running better.

#43 Aric Almirola;
A great driver and I expect wins again this year. Aric has had a rough road getting to where he is right now. Outright racist people have held him back - and that includes Joe Gibbs and his son JD Gibbs. Aric finally has a chance and he WILL take advantage of it and win more races this year. Cars are not showing the speed so far this year.

#47 A.J. Allmendinger;
I like AJ. He handled the failed drug test situation exactly the way he should have, got reinstated, and has put it behind him. He is a great driver, so if the team can give him good equipment, he can win. I did NOT like his driving in the fall Talladega race!

#48 Jimmie Johnson;
JJ is almost too quiet - a nice guy, a great driver, best crew chief, great equipment, so he just quietly wins and wins, and wins. Five championships in a row. Then the wheels came off. He still drives great at times, but not all the time. Have Jimmie and Chad lost that horseshoe they once owned together? More championships are in his future.

#78 Martin Truex Jr.;
I think he is over rated. Good driver at times, but not for a whole race.

#88 Dale Earnhardt Jr.;
First, I am not one of the Jr Nation that thinks he can do no wrong. I do however like him both as a person, and as a driver. I think he will one day win a championship. Having Amy in his life has been the best thing for him, and they make the perfect couple.

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