The NCRSM Mail List

This is an email based discussion group for mascot issues.

The list is owned by people actively working on mascot issues. It is a restricted list, only to a small degree - meaning only that those who apply for membership will be sent a question to be answered before being approved. We of course, reserve the right as the list owners to refuse membership without giving a reason. It is not a moderated list however, so once accepted, any messages posted, go to every other person on the list.

There are a few rules.

1. Personal attacks on another list member will not be tolerated, and offenders will either be placed in a read-only status, or removed from the list. All list members should be familiar with the ongoing mascot issues. See; NCRSM - National Coalition for Racism in Sports and the Media and also; RACIST SCHOOL MASCOTS!

2. It is meant to be a friendly forum allowing for discussion of issues that involve mascot issues and what we might be able to do to rid our schools of racist imagery and offensive names. Opponents - those who wish to keep these mascots are welome as well. Discussions, ideas, and questions are encouraged, however, those that stray too far afield from these guidelines will be strongly discouraged. Inappropriate postings will result in the member being unsubscribed without notice.

3. While you are encouraged to post a URL for a web page, either your own or one where you have found useful or noteworthy information, DO NOT forward an entire web page to the list. Pictures are also discouraged, many email programs cannot handle pictures or web pages, and can in fact cause these people a great deal of inconvience. Sometimes an article of interest might be found posted on a web page - use your own judgement here, but due to copyright laws, you should post the URL for the site, and a small extract from the article. Sometimes, you may want to post the entire article, but be aware you may violate copyright laws in doing so. You are responsible for what you post. Forwarding posts that others make to this list should be restricted to news items only, and please give credit to the original poster. Do NOT forward personal posts from the list that are not of a news category.

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