Dark Lord's Bondage Stories

Student's Rubber Punishment
by Unknown


The sounds of sucking filled the darkness created by the heavy latex wrapped around her head. Rhythmical sucking sounds
intermixed with the quiet hum of a powerful electric motor kept her hypnotized.

Suspended, she had been hooked into the same infernal machine making the disgusting lustful sounds. It pulled and teased her
nipples and clit, while pulsing and vibrating the dildo and butt plug in her pussy and ass.  She was captive to the machine's
grasping mouths of layered rubber, lubed, pulsing, straining against the sucking vibrations of the machine. She was being pushed
against her will towards the rush of an orgasm.

The Instructor had been explicit. Her confinement would be complete, and until eight orgasms had rocked her, she would not
be released. It had seemed so easy when they talked about it. But that was before she had been changed into a bound object
of latex. Hanging like a larva from the ceiling, with the almost obscene tubes of the infernal machine sucking their rubbery lips
around her nipples and pussy.

The Instructor had started by asking her to strip. She had quickly complied. Standing shivering in the echoing room, she eyed
the slick black suit of latex held up by the Instructor. Stepping into the silky/clinging/black garment, she slithered it up her thighs,
across her belly and breasts, and shrugged it over her shoulders. Grasping and turning her, the Instructor zipped it tightly against
the back of her neck. The suit squeezed her breasts and pushed her stiffening nipples out through rubber ringed openings in the
cups so that the tips were just visible. It also framed her shaved pussy and asshole, compressing them, framing them in black

Then came the first hood. Made of medium weight black latex, it had no eyeholes, but only 2 small nostril ports, and a mouth
opening. Her head was suddenly a gleaming knob of ebony, with breath pushing out the mask around her nostrils. Blinded for
the rest of the conversion process, the student felt her pulse rise, and excitement and fear raced through her.

Next latex socks and gloves were slipped on her by the instructor, slithering to place between her fingers, and under the arches
of her feet, completing the first layer of cocoon. Tapping the inside of her thighs, the Instructor had the student move her legs
apart and spread her arms. A heavy latex straight jacket was pulled onto one arm and then the other, then pulled snuggly
around her back and buckled. Both arms were then tightly strapped around her, restricting her, and causing her breasts to jut
out even further. The holes in the jacket positioned over her hard nipples pressed them to firm attention, poking them through
the black latex to present twin mounds of sensitive flesh.

The Instructor then inserted a lubed dildo into the student's by now dripping pussy, pushing it deep inside her until the base
mated with the latex which framed her pussy lips and causing her to gasp. Slipping a hand under the student's pussy, the
Instructor pulled the jacket's two straps between the student's legs, crossing them over the base of the dildo, cinching them to
the front of the jacket and then tightening the whole affair. The jacket pulled against her belly and her plugged cunt as the
student, testing her confinement, squeaked and rustled in the black latex.

Silence, the student twisted her hooded head, tilting, straining to imagine and hear what was coming next. She felt gloved hands
grasp her latex knob of a head, stroking the hood into flatness. Then, she felt the tug and push of what felt like a heavy latex
bondage hood. Nipples sliding and catching against the instructor's rubber-shirted chest, the student swayed as the helmet was
jerked down over her head. Tightly confining, she felt a rubber bit gag descending along her nose and then pressing against her
lips. The Instructor gave a gentle tap, and the student relaxed to let the rubber slid between her lips and into her mouth, filling it
with the flavor of latex. A collar was fastened around her neck, stiff and wide, forcing her hooded head up in a rigid pose.

The student implicitly trusted her Instructor, knowing that he too was tied to the mystery and lure of latex bondage and
constraint. The Instructor always appeared in rubber gear. Encased, strapped into a latex harness, hooded, face covered with a
gas mask, he was an awe-inspiring figure. Latex gloved hands poised at his side, ready to create the event of rubber and latex
that so ruled both of their lives. The inherent fear, excitement and exhilaration of the breathless grasp of rubber was always
tempered and enhanced by the student's knowledge that the Instructor knew how far to go, and to what lengths the student
should be stretched.

The heavy latex hood with gag was zipped tightly on the student's head, breath whistling out of the gag's air hole, and emerging
from the slim rubber breathing tube attached. Breasts straining against grip of the latex, the student gasped into her gag as she
felt a butt plug being slid into her ass, pressed home to nestle between her clenching ass cheeks. The Instructor paused and
glanced at the emerging object of rubber lust and captivity. Anticipation was a major component of the rubber mystery.  He
admired her slick black bondage, nipples jutting, hooded head straining against the posture collar.

The student twisted as the Instructor lifted her latex encased feet to slip on heavy latex cuffs, cinching them tightly around her
ankles. Connected by a short link, her legs were bound together. It was now time for the rubber strips.

Using long wide strips of black latex, the Instructor proceeded to wrap the student from neck to toe.  Pulling and stretching the
rubber around her, yanking and tugging into a tight form fitting layer.  When he was finished the student was a mummy of black
latex, squeezed, pressed, and straining against the overwhelming force of the slick rubber. Only her nipples and clit remained
exposed to the air.

Startled, the student's body jerked as the Instructor grabbed and lowered her to lie on her back on the floor. She was unable to
move more than a little as the Instructor prepared the final part of their scenario of latex confinement. Hooking a chain to the
link connecting the student's ankles, he activated the attached electric winch. Slowly the student's latex encased body rose till
she was suspended upside down, swinging gently.

The Instructor walked around the student, admiring the newly created creature of latex. Running a gloved hand over her legs
and breasts, teasing her clit, giving her latex bound ass a few sharp slaps, stroking her body through the latex wrappings, the
Instructor bent down to check her breathing.  Slightly fast, but unrestricted, good.

Giving the student a gentle push, he turned to look at the machine waiting in the wings.  Grinning under his gas mask, the
Instructor maneuvered the student's hard nipples within reach of two of the mouths of the infernal device. Stepping on the foot
pedal, the Instructor started the vacuum pump, which was an integral part of the devious machine. The student's nipples were
sucked forcefully past the heavy rubber lips of the machine's tube mouths. Pulling two electrical connectors from the machine,
he clicked them into place on the pussy dildo and butt plug which in-turn began a pulsing vibrating dance.  The student bit down
on her gag, cunt and ass tingling under the stimulation.  Finally he grabbed the machines third mouth, and let it suck into position
over her clitoris and shaven mons.

The student gasped, head two feet off the floor as her body responded to the confining latex cocoon she was trapped in, and
the fabulous sensations created by the machine's ministrations on her nipples, clit, ass, and pussy. The Instructor waited;
knowing that simply the preparation of her latex confinement would surely result in an almost immediate explosive orgasm when
augmented by the machine.

And of course, he was right.  Watching as the student twisted and strained against her bondage cocoon, he slowly stroked his
own latex sheathed cock as the student climaxed with her first orgasm of the night.  Her back arching, breasts heaving, pussy
and ass pulsating with the waves of orgasmic contractions, she gave in to the latex for the first time, screaming into her gag, as
she swung from the ceiling, tightly bound in rubber. The Instructor's cock hardened into a pole of gleaming blackness inspired
by the rubber lust that was overtaking the student.

Swinging back and forth slightly, tethered still to the sucking and pulsating machine's mouths, the student sucked in air rapidly. It
was almost too much; the latex was consuming, completing, and constraining her! Dazed from rubber lust, she heard multiple
pops as the Instructor unsnapped the front of the heavy latex hood's mouthpiece and gag. Pulling it out of the student's mouth,
slipping it wetly to lie to one side of the hood, the Instructor watched the lips and tongue of the student taste the air, suspecting,
wanting what was coming next...

He moved in front of the student's latex bound and suspended body, positioning his now fully erect rubber sheathed cock in
front of the student's mouth, twisting her gently against the tug of the orgasm machine. The student felt the press of the
Instructor's latex covered hardness against her lips and quickly opened them to accept the rubber cock into her mouth. Sucking
and stroking as the Instructor's gloved hands splayed behind and grasped her latex encased head, the student moved up and
down the Instructor's cock, feeling it throb against the walls of her mouth and tongue. Minutes passed, and suddenly, as the
student felt the surge in her Instructor's cock, she also succumbed to the lure and sex of latex lust as both exploded into the
heaven of latex orgasm, straining, pushing, sliding against one another, one bound and learning, the other latex covered and
instructing.  They were both equally trapped by the lure of latex.

That was three hours ago, and she now felt the seventh of the required eight orgasms begin to take her as she twisted upside
down, blind, a creature of latex, bound, gag re-inserted, forced to submit to the power of latex bondage.

Her only thought, gasping as the strength of next orgasm shook her, was what the Instructor had in store for her before the
eighth orgasm released her from her comforting and confining existence as an animal of latex lust.