Hi, thanks for stopping by to visit my site.  It took me a long time to figure out that my name is Missy.  At  first I thought it was "No No" or "Not Again" or "Holy Terror" or "Bad" as well as some other names I won't mention here.  I am a 13 year old black & silver miniature schnauzer who lives in the North Georgia Mountains.

I had a big brother, Zachary, who crossed The Rainbow Bridge about 7 months ago.  I really didn't like him very much because boy dogs can be a real pain!  My mommy & daddy rescued him from a puppy mill and it would have be okay with me if he had just stayed there.  Actually now that he is gone,  I do feel a tiny bit guilty that I wasn't very nice to him.  You can visit my brother's site at Zach's Shack

I have a sister named sister, Gabie, who is 5 years old.  She couldn't have a name that suits her any better, because she never shuts her mouth!  Everyone who knows me knows that I am a 100% Daddy's girl, but believe me she is a spoiled brat!  She is supposed to be a white schnauzer, but you wouldn't know it.  She is always digging in the dirt and most times looks like a hound dog.  I, on the other hand, always look perfect and am quite the diva!


A Convict's Story

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