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            I am  so excited!   I just received my very first valentine & guess what it is from my true
            love.  Of course good ole Gretchen keeps telling me it is only puppy love.  Good grief -
            I definitely  know the difference between puppy love & real love!  I know for a fact that
           Gretchen is just plain jealous, because  I have managed to snag  the most handsome
           guy on the internet.

           Jangles lives in Australia & I just know one day he will want me to come there so we can
            be together.  I already asked Mommy if I could go to visit him & she said "absolutely not
            it is too far away."  Oh well, all of my family knows that I have my own mind & I usually
            get everything I want!   As soon as I get a little older, I will begin making plans to fly away
            to Sydney!

           You can click on the beautiful card Jangles sent me to visit his site!  Just remember to
           keep your paws off of him, because he is My guy!


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