Missy's Photo Album

MissyFloor52.jpg (7424 bytes)
My 1st day in my new home 
MissyFloor42.jpg (9358 bytes)
 Thanks Gretchen for giving me your toy


MissyFloor62.jpg (9956 bytes)
Wow! another toy
MissyFloor35.jpg (12283 bytes)
 Checking out my new family


MissyFloor9.jpg (7759 bytes)
Taking a little rest  
MissyFloor22.jpg (12475 bytes)
Protecting my chew chip

MissyLake3.jpg (11652 bytes)
Hiking at Vogel State Park
MissyOnLeash3.jpg (10598 bytes)
It's the leash that makes my ears stand up!
Missyleaves2.jpg (19560 bytes)
Helping Daddy rake leaves 
Missypose.JPG (8406 bytes)
Playing with my new toy 
dishwash3.jpg (12915 bytes)
Oh no caught in the dishwasher!
MissyTree3.jpg (9824 bytes)
Posing with my new sweater

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