Miniature Schnauzer Rescue in Georgia

People surrender their dogs for a variety of reasons.  Some owners simply cannot spend the time needed with their dog.  Other owners may find themselves in the situation of not being able to physically care for their dog any longer.   Others may be moving and are not able to take their dog with them.  Schnauzer rescue groups evaluate each dog individually  to determine his personal needs.   Then they work together to find a permanent home for the dog.  Miniature Schnauzers are very loving dogs - all they need is for somebody to give them a second chance!  A rescue dog can be an excellent choice for a family that does not have time to devote to a new puppy.

There is an adoption fee for a rescue dog to help offset the cost of care & veterinarian services.  Every dog is neutered or spayed, up to date on all shots, and heartworm negative when it is ready for adoption.   Each dog is bathed and groomed before leaving for their new permanent home.

MiniSchnauzer Rescue SE Georgia  (covers 12 southeast states)

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