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Classroom Connect 

Filamentality Website 

Culture Scavenger hunt for ESOL educators


Professional and Resource Organizations
Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL)
Find out something about the Teaching  Alive CD-ROM, designed for teacher pre-service or in-service education. 
American Library Association (ALA)
Search the ALA Site for "book lists."  Find one appropriate for your students. 
URL: _______________________________________
ALA Parent's Page
Check out the Web Resources on the Parent's Page.  Find one to recommend to a colleague. 
URL: _______________________________________
International Reading Association
Find out how you could get $2000 toward a literacy program in Egypt. _____________________________________
National Council of Teachers of English
Can you find the on-line proposal for the international conference in the Netherlands in August, 2000? __y __n
Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
Find out the dates and location of  the first EgypTESOL Conference.  Hint:  Go to the Conference Calendar at the bottom of the Home Page.  Go to October 1999.
Dates: _______________  Place _____________
TESOL Services
Request information from TESOL using the on-line form. 
I requested ___________________________________
National Council on Bilingual Education (NABE)
Search for "two-way bilingual education."  Find and read  something of interest.  URL: ______________________
Georgia TESOL
What is the E-mail address for the Second vice Presidient (membership)? _________________________________
Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC)
What is a FAQ? _______________________________
What is ERIC? ________________________________
Educational Testing Sevice
Find and read a FAQ about Computer-Based Testing. _done 
The International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL)
What do you think of the Universal Declaration of Language Rights? ______________________________________
Is the website up yet?  (check through TESOL Affiliates). If so, write the URL here:  __________________
Dictionaries and Translators
Human Languages Page
Translate two lines of your favorite song into another langauge. Write some of the translaton here.    ____________________________________________
Dave's ESL Cafe
Visit Dave's Slang Page and learn a new word or idiom (Warning: includes offensive terms to avoid!) ___________
James Crawford's Language Policy Web Site
What is a canard? ______________________________
Example: _____________________________________

TESOL CALL IS 1999 Software List
Read about Hyperstudio or another package that is of interest to you.  What can this software do? Title:______ ___________________________________________
The On-Line Books Page
How many book listings (with complete texts) are included here?  ______________

Craigmont High School
Find and bookmark one link on this site that would be useful to you or your students.

Comenius English Language Center
See if you can hear the idom of the week.

An On-Line Learner's Dictionary of the English Language
The Newbury House Dictionary
Your student came across the word "beaver" in her reading.  Look up this word to see what information you find.  Use your mouse to save the picture to show your students.

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