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Volume I
Madge Looney Crane
Phillip L. Crane
Copyright © 1998

More than 6 years in the making.
Over 15,000 miles traveled while researching.

Over 442 pages.
Over 34 historical maps.
Over 100 documents and excerpts scanned into the text.
Documents about Robert (1) Looney that have never been published.

 Adventures in pre-revolutionary America!  When pioneering
families endured hardships, struggles, and danger as they
explored the vast wilderness!  Filled with tales of political intrigue,
courtroom drama, and battlefield action!  Featuring  appearances by such famous
characters as King George, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Dan'l Boone!
The newest Hollywood Blockbuster?  Nope.

I'm talking about the book:
     "Most Distinguished Characters On The American Frontier"
written by Madge Looney Crane and Phillip L. Crane.

The subject of the book is Robert Looney, Sr. and some of his
descendants with particular focus upon the history and events
surrounding the Looney family pioneers in southwest Virginia during the 1700s.
It is a seminal piece of work in both  genealogical and historical context.
The book is highly detailed and meticulously documented--chock full
of maps, diagrams, copies of original papers,
archaeological excavations, etc.

Almost everything  known about Robert Looney, Sr. is available to you in this single volume.
With this book as a foundation, Looney family researchers can get
on with the business of investigating 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generations, etc.

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