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Some ramblings from Abbey: Arf....Ruff..and Grrrr, I'm Abbey and I'm a little Shih Tzu puppy. My momma, Marianne, hasta help me with my typing cuz my paws are too big for the keyboard. Anyway, I'm trying to make a name for myself in webland, so I hope you like what you see! Before all you crazy critters leave, pleaz sign my guestbook. I would like to know who is coming to admire me. Yes I am a vain little puppy. Can you honestly blame me?
Here's a little bit of background about the Shih Tzu breed, incase you were curious. I'm a descendent of a cross between the Lhasa Apso of Tibet and a Pekingese. Our fuzzy little hearts were often presented as tributes to the Emperor of China and lived a life of luxury in the Imperial palaces. I say hey, I still live in the lap of luxury here in Georgia, but my momma says this type of luxury is a wee bit different. Anyway, our breed was considered sacred and was highly regarded by the royal family throughout the Ming Dynasty.
Because those Chinese knew a good thing when they saw it, (or at least that's what I say), they were reluctant to allow any of us Shih Tzus to leave the country. Eventually though, we did go West, and we have spread our joy throughout the world!
We Shih Tzus are noted for our courage, animation, charming personality and distinct arrogant bearing. We are quite entertaining little doggies, and are not the little "prisses" our looks may imply. We are gay, active and alert. We also enjoy performing in front of company, (which I do quite well, I might add), and bounce back from a reprimand with an entertaining charm that is completely irresistible. (I say you all are suckers and fall for it every time!)
We can be a little stand offish with strangers sometimes, and are noted as being effective little watchdogs. But when it all comes down to it, we are a sensitive and devoted pet for adults and families with older children. As momma would say, "we're good for people age 9 to 90!"

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