Check Out My
Cyber Friendz

This here's Scully in her far out leather coat.
She doesn't have a page, so I put up just her picture!

 Phoebe-Lin-A cool Shih Tzu I call Pheebs!

 Maddy & Nathan-A pair of Shih Tzu's. This links to their wedding album.

 Tippy O'Toole-A special Shih Tzu who fully understands survival.

 Piper's Page-A real cute Shih Tzu.

 Cassidy-A Shih Tzu who has the same name as one of my favorite songs!

 Atomic Dawg-This zany Shih Tzu has the bestest page around!

 Jackson-Just another Shih Tzu pal I've met on the web!

 Merlin-A Shih Tzu from the land "Down Under." He shares his space with a Lhasa named Mishka.

 Phill-A good lookin' Shih Tzu who plays Frisbee too!

 Libby, Zoey & Quincy-A trio of tzu's that have a cool page.

 Jazmyn-A cool Shih Tzu that looks a little like me!

 Woodro-A Shar Pei. He's my main man!

 (Isn't he a dream!)

These are my chow friends, Schung an Shitzi. They belong to
Lenny & Holly Hungarter. Love the shades Shitz!

Over here on the right is my cyber-bird Tweep (named after a bird momma used to have). Since all I do is listen to that featherhead, Gonzo yell at me, I figure I could have another bird with me at this home too! If you would like a cyber animal for your home page, just click on Tweep. He'll fly you right on over to the adoption center.

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