How I Got the Name Abbey
Eveybody at the Vet's always asks me why my name is Abbey and not Abby. So this is to explain to my Vet and anybody else how I came to have the name Abbey!
Well my momma loves the Grateful Dead, and she always said she would name her next dog with some sorta Dead reference. Lucky for me, (I think there are too many doggies named Iko), she decided to go with another one of her passions.....the one for literature.
My momma just loved her literature classes in college. She says that those classics were some of the best stuff ever! (she must be still looking for better books, cuz she's always got one she's reading). Anyway, her favorite poet is Wordsworth, and her favorite poem by this guy is Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey. Notice the "e" in Abbey????
Well that's the story she's tellin' everyone. Most people need the explanation, but momma has one friend, Kelly, who's a Lit-nut too. Kelly knew it as soon as momma told her the poet. Momma was so impressed, so she wanted me to mention her buddy Kelly to ya.
Thanks for listening to my story!

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