"Hello You Pretty Bird!" My name is Gonzo and I'm a Double Yellow-Headed Amazon Parrot (try saying that 5 times fast). I will be 12 years old in June 1997, and I love all the ladies. If you're a guy, don't touch me cause I'll bitecha!
I am a hand-fed domestic bird, and am originally from California, (at least that's where I was hatched). My owner, Marianne, purchased me from a real neat lady named Gail Worth. She has a huge bird-farm (so to speak) called Aves International, and she helped Marianne ship me to Pennsylvania.
I now live in Georgia with my owner and a spoiled Shih Tzu named Abbey. This here's my little web home where I list all the groovy places and things I like. So relax and enjoy the ride through my site.

This is me and my owner. You can't see me too well, but I'm really in that cage!

This is me just before I get a cracker.

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