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View along Hewins Creek, Stokes County, N.C.,
where William and Magdalen Southern settled
about 1775

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Michael Tesh Southern

North Carolina

Hello. This simple site is a source for information about the history of the Southern family in North Carolina.

The "kernel" of this site is the story of one couple -- William and Magdalen Southern, who founded the family in what is now Stokes County, North Carolina, about 1775. William and Magdalen are the ancestors of most North Carolina Southerns and of many Southerns in other states. Even those Southerns who do not descend from William and Magdalen might find the material concerning their origins in Virginia useful to their own investigations.

For now, the principal offering is the narrative history of William and Magdalen and their children and relatives. Other items are transcriptions of research materials that support the narrative and that are linked to it. I will add additional materials over time, and try to bring the family history forward to the present. Corrections, suggestions, and information about other sources will be greatly appreciated.

All items are in HTML format, which you can read on screen or print on your personal printer. Or you can capture the text and load it into your own word processor to edit and format as you wish before printing.

  • William and Magdalen Southern of Stokes County, North Carolina. This is a narrative of the early history of the Southern family in Virginia and North Carolina, with footnotes citing sources of information. With Netscape's Navigator, this runs about 11 pages printed directly from the browser, but this will vary depending on your browser and its defaults, especially font size.

    The following materials supplement the narrative and are linked within it, or can be viewed on their own:

    Other items related to Southern family history will be forthcoming.

    Links to other Southern family, Stokes County, and northwestern N.C. sites
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