Early Distribution of the Southern Family in the Eastern United States

Updated 3/30/02


1. Middlesex County, Virginia. Possible birthplace of William Southern. Several Southern families lived here in the 17th and early 18th centuries, and the William born here in 1722, son of John and Margaret Kidd Southern, may have been the William who later lived in Stokes County, N.C.
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2. Manakin Town, Cumberland County, Virginia. French Huguenot settlement; birthplace of Magdalaine Faure in 1736. Magdalaine Faure may have been "Magdalen Ford" who became Magdalen Southern.
3. Buckingham County, Virginia. Home of William's father John by late 1740s; home of William until 1774. Probable site of marriage of William and Magdalen.
4. Stokes County, North Carolina (Part of Surry County until 1789). Home of William and Magdalen Southern from 1775 until their deaths; home of their sons/probable sons Reuben, William II, and Ford until their deaths; home of their other children into the early nineteenth century.
5. Greenville County, South Carolina. After 1788 the home of Gibson Southern; originally of Buckingham County, VA, who lived among William and Magdalen's family in NC in the 1780s. James and Samuel Southern, perhaps relatives from Buckingham Co., were also here by 1790.
6. Giles County, Virginia. After 1817 the home of William and Magdalen's son John, who with his wife Elizabeth Duncan Southern raised 15 children here.
7. Monroe/Greene Counties, Indiana. After 1819 the home of William and Magdalen's daughter Judith Southern Burch, who moved here with her husband John and other members of the Burch family. Judith and John raised nine children, all born in N.C. Also, Daniel Southern, son of Reuben and nephew to Judith, appears to have moved here after 1820 and later moved to Kentucky.
8. Warren County, Kentucky, and Wilson, Warren, and Cannon Counties, Tennessee. William and Magdalen's probable son Boaz moved from NC to Warren County, KY in 1807. In federal censuses from 1820-1840 he appears in these counties in middle Tennessee.
9. Mecklenburg County, Virginia. Another William Southern of unknown relationship to the Stokes County Southerns lived here in the late 18th century and had several sons who established families elsewhere. William appears consistently in Mecklenburg tax lists from 1782 to 1800, and the lists identify his sons as John, Robert, William Jr., Jesse, and Buckner. Robert settled later in Claiborne Co. TN, and William Jr. and Jesse settled in Lee Co., VA. In the early 19th century Buckner was living in Rockingham Co., NC.
10. Lee County, Virginia, and Claiborne County, Tennessee. Sons of William Southern of Mecklenburg Co. VA (#9) settled in this area -- Wlliam Jr. and Jesse in Lee County and Robert in Claiborne Co. Their relationship to the North Carolina Southerns is not yet known.

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