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Beginning with the 3/14/99 update, I'll start dating and listing additions or changes here with links to new or revised materials made since the last update.

2/28/2004. Updated link addresses, a few of which were defunct, and updated Thor Swanson's email address.
3/30/2002. Added new information provided by Jack Barron about William Southern of Mecklenburg County, VA, who was of undetermined relationship to the Stokes County Southerns. This man's son Robert settled in Claiborne Co, TN, and sons William Jr. and Jesse settled in Lee Co., VA. Son Buckner Southern lived in Rockingham Co., NC in the early 19th century. Updates are in the narrative history, the settlement map, and the entry on Buckner Southern in the 1820.census.
1/5/2002. Added information about the religious life of the Southerns and their neighbors in the narrative history.
3/14/2000. Added a link to Thor Swanson's e-mail to the links page and to the John and Elizabeth Duncan Southern Bible record page for researchers descended from John and Elizabeth. Thor has done a lot of good work with the children of John and Elizabeth and invites researchers to contact him directly.
4/2/99. Added scan of the original 1778 survey of the land grant to Joshua Tillery that became the Southern farms.
3/31/99. Added scan of the handwritten copy of the 1794 will of William Southern in the State Archives.
3/30/99. No substantive change; just added a Hewins Creek photo to the home page and moved the title around a little; moved links to a separate links page.
3/14/99. Added the Bible Record of John and Elizabeth Duncan Southern of Giles County, VA.