The ISG section of this site was kept open without many updates since the time I resigned as Sr. VP. NOW that there is a NEW Site, I will be utilizing this page as my personal web page in the future. The International Songwriter information on this web site has been moved to the NEW ISG Web Site with current information and contacts. If you want direct contact with the International Songwriters Guild, please e-mail: or the go to the NEW web site at: 








FYI: ISG MEETINGS are held the first Sunday of each month at 5:00p.m., (unless notified otherwise through The Guild Tidings, our monthly newsletter.)  The location is: 3020 E. Robinson St., Orlando, Florida. (The American Federation of Musicians Union Building)

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NOTE: To those who have come to visit the ISG page, I have kept this page open for the ISG since my resignation as Sr. VP and have tried to forward any e-mail to the new officers.

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