INANNA: Oh my lonely wild-growing tree
Your roots are strong, but, what about me?
Homeless, hopeless, how could this be?
Lost without my love, Dumuzi

Oh my lonely wild-growing tree
How I long for a palace by the sea
A temple of stone that moves the sky
Or I fear that my broken heart will die....

Oh, I'm feeling lost inside
Oh, I've got no place to hide
Oh, I can't forget their cruelty
Or the way they've taken my love from me

How could I be so blind
Fall for their tricks this time?

If I could have a place to call my own
Across the world I would not have to roam
To find the things that make me feel I have some worth
Like you, I'd plant myself firmly in the earth

ANU: My dear Inanna, I've heard your cries
They fill the clouds with tears that fall down from the skies
It's good to see you safe, but not in all this pain
Don't you understand, it's good to have you back again

INANNA: But what is life, my god, Anu our king
Without Dumuzi? My heart no longer sings
And I have nowhere to lay my head
Those that hate me have taken my golden bed

ANU: My great-great-granddaughter, do not despair
Brush the twigs and leaves out of your hair
A temple you shall have, with stones that touch the sky
For it hurts me so, to see you cry


INANNA: Ninshubur, I think it's fine
This temple that great Anu calls Eanna
The food is great, and so's the wine
But something's missing, Ninshubur, I wonder -
Why things seem backward and simple
Can you tell me what's going on?

NINSHUBUR: My dear, you're used to towns possessing qualities
Which lend a higher station
With priests and kings, a thousand things
That make up what you call civilization

INANNA: You're telling me that there are rules
And directions required to make this happen?

NINSHUBUR: Go, Inanna, travel to the Abzu
And speak to your father-in-law

Ea's got the things you need
They are called the Tablets of Destiny

INANNA: Send a message to Ea
Let him know that I will arrive....

EA: Oh, Isimud, this is excellent
I'd like to get that queen inside my tent
You know I've had my eye on her forever
What other reason would bring her here?

Let her in, treat her well
Bathe her in the waters of the Tigris
Give her beer from an urn of gold
And prepare my royal bed of cypress
Inanna and I will talk a while, and then we'll.....

ISIMUD: Oh, great Ea, may I be so bold?

I'm worried, for I hear Inanna
Doesn't always come with pure intentions....


EA: Queen Inanna, step into my room
Shake off the darkness, shake off the gloom
Have a seat, my dear, and talk a while

Tell me, lady, what brings you here?

INANNA: It's been so long, it feels like years

EA: Oh, Inanna, it's good to see you smile
Have a drink with me

Come and feast at this table laden
With foods of love that would tempt any maiden

INANNA: Oh, Ea, I've always liked your style
You know how to make me smile

EA: Taste these fruits, accept these flowers
I could talk to you for hours
I would love to hear what's on your mind

Have a cup of wine

INANNA: I've been told that you possess directions
To make a city realize perfection

EA: Is that the reason, Inanna, that you've come here?

INANNA: Would you be a dear?

EA: Here is the crown, the staff and sceptre...

INANNA: ...Have more wine, for it's as sweet as nectar

EA: Lady, I'm already drunk upon your charms
Come into my arms

INANNA: And what is this?

EA: It is the information
Needed by the gods to raise a nation
To such heights, that it before has never seen

Are you from my dreams?

This reveals the rites of temples
Writing and the fundamentals
Of music, and of art and masonry
How to weave and work with metal
Oh, your skin is like a petal....

INANNA: Oh, Ea, you're looking tired
Come and lie with me beside the fire
By the way, could you make a gift of this?

EA: It's yours for just one kiss....


INANNA: Uruk, I hold in my hand, descriptions of a nation
Now I can reveal the plans to elevate our station
It might require some work, but it won't be too long
Til this city is a thing of beauty, and all will sing its song

I will show you how to rule, and judge with fair solution
Introduce the custom of a sacred prostitution
I'll teach you how to write, and brew a beer of nectar
I'll teach you how to weave cloth of the finest texture

So, don't just sit there, don't just stand there
Put a hammer in your hand, there
For you know that what I say is right

If you follow my directions
Take these strings, make the connections
We can make sweet music every night

ISIMUD: Could I have a word, Inanna?
There's a question of your honor
Lady - maybe

These were taken in a scheme
You wouldn't want to cause a scene
Would you?

NINSHUBUR: Isimud, you're quite mistaken
If you think that these were taken
You must have a fever of the mind

Don't think we're intimidated
By these moves you've orchestrated
Your trickery won't work, for we're not blind

ISIMUD: I've been sent here by the God himself, with very strict instruction
To repossess the Tablets that were stolen by seduction

NINSHUBUR: I'm surprised that you would want the crowd to hear your ranting
Do you want them to think that Ea spends all his time...

ISIMUD: Would that be the crowd's impression?

NINSHUBUR: Easily! At her suggestion
They'll be at your throat in no time flat

ISIMUD: Don't think that this is the ending

INANNA: You fool! You're just pretending -
You can't frighten me with words like that!

Now, leave with all your accusations
You wouldn't want a warring nation
Would you - would you?


INANNA: Now I've gotten everything I wanted, but I feel it's not what I need
Was Dumuzi right when he said I loved to kill, and watch men bleed
My mind is full of thoughts and things that I can't explain
After all that I've been through I still feel that I have no name

Oh, if I'm a goddess, why do I feel I have no control?
Will I have to conquer every land that I see
Before I feel whole?

Should I tear down their walls?
Should I break down their doors?
I can't fight this madness
Oh, I've got to have more
And no one can stop me....

Now the day is ending
The desert wind blows cold
And I'm feeling so lonely - I'm feeling so old
There's just no use in pretending that the loss of Dumuzi didn't tear apart my soul

Should I tear down their walls?
Should I break down their doors?
Oh, I can't fill this sadness
I've got to have more
And no one can stop me....

I don't want to seem so contrary
I don't want to seem like I've lost my mind
I don't want to seem like some kind of monster
I don't want people to think that I'm so unkind

I've been given a palace and a country
But still I have a hunger
How can I be sated?
I should dine on sweet and pure emotion
But every time I want to love, they feed me hatred....

So I'll tear down their walls
And I'll break down their doors
I can't fill this hunger
Oh, I've got to have more
And no one can stop me....

I've been thinking about places I'd like to hold in my hand
Once again my mind turns to Egypt, with its idle, golden lands

I'd like to get my hands around the necks of those who caused Dumuzi's pain
But talk is cheap and, oh, I can - I can sit and blame
Everything in the world around me for how I feel
I've got to ventilate this rage if I want to heal

So I'll tear down their walls
And I'll break down their doors
I can't stop this madness
Oh, I've got to have more
Why would anyone stop me...?



1: What to do with Inanna?

2: She's gotten out of hand - What to do with Inanna?

3: She's trying to invade our land - What to do with Inanna?

1: I fear we've lost control - What to do with Inanna?

2: How can we regain our hold?

1: We must try to stop this goddess
We must take her down
Before she controls all our kingdoms
We must take her crown

2: What can tame a raging lion?
What can hold a snake?
She is like a storm that leaves destruction in its wake

3: We could hold a splendid banquet
Feed her poisoned meat
Death would come, and we would have
Inanna at our feet


1: We should tie her to a post
To satisfy our needs
Strip her of her royal gown
And whip her 'til she bleeds

2: We could chain her wrists and ankles
Take the sharpest knife
Heat it 'til the point turns red
Deprive her of her sight

3: We should drag her to the river
Drown her in the stream
We should take away her power
We should take her dreams

(1/2 CHORUS)

1: Storm her city, tear the walls down
Take the people to our kingdoms

2: Smash her temple, kill the priesthood
Keep her gold and precious jewels

1: We should leave no trace of her city
Take away the place she calls her home

3: Treat her like a common criminal
Sixty lashes across her back....



INANNA: What shall I do, my dear Ninshubur
What shall I do with my life?
I don't feel the love that once ran through me
Don't feel like a goddess or wife

NINSHUBUR: In Phoenicia, they call you Astarte
That is where I think you should go
You don't have to live in this hard way
Let them replenish your glow

INANNA: But do I want to be Astarte?
Would I rather live in this hard way?
Are you telling me I should leave today?
What am I gonna do?

Will they really do what I say?
Will they kill me in their own way?
I don't want to leave, but I can't stay
Where there's no love for me

I'm not sure I can stay here any longer
I've hidden here for seven hundred years
Watching my etimmu growing dimmer
Washing in the sorrow of my tears

NINSHUBUR: They have a fine temple in Byblos
They'll feed you sweet honey and wine
They'll give you the love that you need the most
Choose quickly, we haven't much time

Whatcha gonna do, Inanna?
Where you gonna go, Inanna?
Oh, I really want to know, Inanna
Whatcha gonna do, now?

Are you gonna see it my way?
Are you gonna be Astarte?
Are you gonna die, or live today?
Inanna, whatcha gonna do now, girl?

INANNA: Do I want to be another?
Do I want to run for cover?
Even if we fly to Phoenicia
If I'm Astarte, will they love her?

Ninshubur, I'm getting kind of skeptical
In my days, in universal time
The human race might have no more to offer me
Than honey, cakes and sacramental wine

Ninshubur, a chill has just run through me
And a thought keeps racing through my mind
Will they understand, will they heed my words?

NINSHUBUR: Inanna, whatcha gonna do now, girl?

INANNA: I've listened to your words and your suggestions
Ninshubur, I fear that you are right
And though my head is filled with many questions
I trust you, and we'll fly from here tonight

NINSHUBUR: I've got a plan on how to make your entrance
You have no need to worry, my dear
While perfuming your image with incense
From their effigy you can appear....







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