Amateur Satellites

This page provides links to information for the amateur radio satellites. Also known as Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio (OSCAR) satellites, the spacecraft and/or the amateur radio transceivers are designed and built by Ham radio operators. AMSAT assigns the OSCAR designators (numbers) sequentially. Amateur satellites that are not built by AMSAT are only assigned OSCAR designators if a request is made by the satellite's owner.

The tables contain the following quick reference information for amateur radio satellites: General Catalog Data , and Frequency Information for Analog satellites, Digital satellites, and Manned Satellites. Complete information for the amateur radio satellites is available on the AMSAT Web page and the AMSAT Satellite Summary page.

Frequency information is also available for the AMSAT OSCAR 40 Spacecraft.

Analog satellites contain transponders or repeaters that can relay voice communications. Digital satellites are capable of transmitting, receiving, or relaying digital information. Satellites with both analog and digital transponders are listed in both tables. Many manned satellites carry amateur radio transceivers for scheduled contacts with schools and random contacts with amateur radio operators.


The top buttons link you to more information about amateur radio satellites

Catalog information helps you identify the satellite and find its Keplerian elements

Information is available for Analog, Digital, and Manned satellites