Tracking Software

Satellite tracking is done most commonly on a computer with satellite tracking software. The catalog on the AMSAT Web page has an excellent selection of satellite tracking software, each one designed to operate on one of the popular types of desktop or portable computers.

My two favorite PC-based tracking programs are Dave Ransom's STSORBIT PLUS and Paul Willmott's The Station Program


STSORBIT PLUS is an excellent MS-DOS based satellite tracking program. Its display has an excellent combination of graphic and tabular information. The display can be tailored to suit operator preference.  The most popular map projections include the orthographic (globe) display and the World map display.

The latest version of STSPLUS can be downloaded from Dave Ransom's Web page or directly from the STSPLUS Web Page.


The Station Program

The Station Program is an MS Windows satellite tracking program designed for automatic control of amateur radio satellite stations.  The Station Program uses Serial (COM) and Parallel (printer) ports on your computer to control external devices for automatic antenna pointing and Doppler frequency shift compensation. The software has various displays including a tracking map, a SAREX/MIR tuning console, and a full duplex tuning console.

The Station Program supports the following antenna tracking interfaces:

The Station Program also supports the following radio tuning interfaces:

  • EasyComm 2
  • Kenwood
  • Yaesu

You can download The Station Program from the AMSAT-NA web site. 


Computer software automates the tracking process

STSPLUS is an outstanding tool for real-time tracking, pass predictions, and helps you visualize the orbit

The Station Program automates antenna pointing and Doppler frequency shift correction

This software supports a wide variety of antenna tracking interfaces and satellite radios

The $40 registration fee supports amateur satellite design and assembly