Orbitessera provides a mosaic of orbital information. Information is provided for the Space Shuttle, the International Space Station (ISS),  and general Satellite Keplerian Elements information.

Keplerian Elements

Keplerian Elements

Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle


International Space Station

Amateur Radio Satellites

Amateur Radio Satellites

Satellite Tracking Weather Satellites

Satellite Tracking

Weather Satellites

There are also pages with Satellite Tracking information, Weather Satellite information, and information for converting State Vectors to Keplerian elements.  You may download some files linked to this page from the Orbitessera FTP site.

A schedule of planned Space Launches is available on the Space Online site. The Spaceflight Now page is an alternate source of launch information.  The National Space Science Data Center (NSSDC) also has a significant database of information on their NSSDC Web page. The NSSDC page also has access to the NASA satellite database by a Master Satellite Catalog Query page.

Dave Ransom's web page and Dave Cottle's web page are other excellent sources of spacecraft, software, and satellite tracking information.

Orbitessera = Orbit + tessera | tessera \'tes-e-re\ n, pl -ser.ae \ [L, prob. deriv. of Gk tessares four; fr its having four corners] (ca. 1656) 1. a small tablet (as of wood, bone, or ivory) used by the ancient Romans as a ticket, tally, voucher, or means of identification. 2: a small piece (as of marble, glass, or tile) used in Mosaic work.


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