Tech-Savvy in the Branches Special Interest Group

AAUW Convention, June 24, 2001 - Austin, TX


The Special Interest Group was coordinated by Wendy Armour Dickinson, AAUW-PA past state president ( and Nancy Shoemaker, AAUW-NC technology coordinator ( The session was convened as a tool to assist branch members and state organizations in using computer technology. In other words, we want AAUW and its members to set a tech-savy example for women of all ages. A handout was used to frame the discussion.

Here is a summary of the comments in the session. About 40 members from across the country participated. Thanks to all!

Issues, Examples and Strategies for Tech-Savvy in the Branches

Board positions focusing on Technology

Sharing software

Sharing information with the Association

Web sites

Mailing lists

Miscellaneous ideas


Cross-platform issues

Association Issues

Send your comments!

If you have comments expanding or clarifying the notes above, please send them on to the SIG conveners. We are particularly interested in descriptions of solutions that have already been documented and posted on the web -- just send along the URL and we'll list it here. We hope to have a list of suggestions and best practices posted on, but we need to collect it first.

For the time being, the online discussion will move to "WEBMGRS@ELISTS.AAUW.ORG" since many of the suggestions need to be "advertised" on state/local Web sites. If you are not already subscribed to that list and you wish to participate in the discussion, please send a message to "" and put the line:

SUBSCRIBE WEBMGRS Firstname Lastname

in the body of the message. Once subscribed, you can post your comments by sending them to "".

See for additional links to technology discussions that started in Austin.

Wendy Armour Dickinson

Nancy Shoemaker

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