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e-Mail and the Branch
What are the options for settting up e-mail lists? What other tips and tricks might apply to your branch communications?
Winter 2000 Tar Heel News, vol XLVII, no. 1, page 3
Practice Chat Session Offers Easy Way to Get Connected to Others (condensed version)
The original article announced a series of "practice chats" and included the instructions that are posted here. The instructions should be enough to get you started using the AAUW chat room(s).
Winter 2001 Tar Heel News, vol XLVIII, no. 1, page 7
Technology Sanity Check for Branch/State projects (expanded version)
What are the technology considerations for "large" projects? Even if you aren't the tech expert, if you have a leadership role on the project you need to understand these questions.
Winter 2001 Tar Heel News, vol XLVIII, no. 1, page 7

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