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Baby Blanket and Hat

Online pattern from about 1994 with changes.

For Dana's baby (born 5/8/08)
Started experimenting 1/08. Finished 5/08.

Swish DK Superwash Wool -
Size 7 for blanket, size 6 for hat

The hat pattern is based on one from the Fall 2006 Knitter's. The edge of the blanket is I-cord and the brim and crown of the hat are joined with I-cord as well.

Detailed instructions

alligator scarf

Alligator Scarf

Kit from Morehouse Farms

Given to Amanda for 17th birthday.
Started 12/07. Finished 1/08.

hoody pink

hoody pink front

Neck Down Hooded Tunic

I've made three versions of this: XS for Meredith, S for myself and M for Joyce. It's knit in the round from the top down, and is easy to customize for sleeve length and such.

Pattern from Knitting Pure & Simple (#244). As I recall, I got the pattern through a catalog, not a store.

Meredith's (summer/fall 2006) was in pink Lamb's Pride worsted - a bit too heavy for North Carolina. Mine (winter 2007) was turquoise Classic Elite superwash Bazic Wool. Joyce's (summer/fall 2007) was a grey Lana Grossa Soffice (Merino/Cashmere/Acrylic).

I started on this because in December of 2004 I bought a hooded merino pullover at a knitter's charity auction. (It had been donated by Great Yarns -- the price I paid was significantly less than the value of the handpainted yarn.) In late spring of 2005 I loaned it to a friend -- and in the fall of 2006, I realized I'd given it to her. I'd still like to redo this in the merino (5 sts/in). [This pattern is 4 sts/in.]

Baby Bunting

Plymouth pattern from Patternworks catalog

For Beth M's baby Aiden.
Started 5/05, fininshed 6/05. Size Prem - he wasn't due until the end of July.

Plymouth Fantasy Natural, color 9701. Size 8/9 needles.

Buttons from Great Yarns, Raleigh.

The pattern has a terrible number of mistakes - including needing 2.5, not 2 skeins for the Prem size. I sent some of them to Patternworks, but they didn't seem to care.

Two Color Vest (knit one color at a time)

Knitter's, Winter 2001, K95, page 44ff
For Steve's birthday - started 12/01, finished 3/02
Mountain Colors 4/8's Wool
4 balls blue, 2 balls red - fair amount left over of each.
Needles sizes 7 and 8
Missed inserting the top buttonhole -- but consensus is that it's not needed. So there's one extra button in the button collection.
Wonderful yarn to work with.

Classic Cardigan (Raglan Sleeves)

"A Book of Men's Sweaters", Brunswick, vol.. 669, 1976, style #6625, p. 18ff. [Was the same booklet used to make the pullovers for Dick and Steve in the late 70's.] Size 44 in the weight C yarn. [The booklet gives instructions for several patterns in sizes 38-44, most in three weights of yarn: fingering, sport and worsted. Sizes seem small by today's standards. Have things changed that much?]

Original called for 6 (4 oz.) skeins of Brunswick Germantown Knitting Wool or Brunswick Windrush with size 6 and 9 needles. Used 16 skeins (50g/1.75 oz/85 yds/78 m) of Mission Falls 1824 wool, color 20, dye lot 79042. [Color was "cornflower" but turned out more greenish than expected.] Bought 15, then ordered two more. About a skein and a half remaining. Yarn is fine to work with.

Used size 5 and 8 needles. 18/24 gauge just right with number 8.

Buttons from Great Yarns in Raleigh/

Started November 2003. Finished February 2004.

Afghan for Ronnie Williams, 2003 See the information on on the 2003 AAUW Convention, including the card, and the picture.

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