Families in 1850 Census, Davie Co. NC

0681BAILEY, Airy 57 (female)THOMPSON, AiryRowan Co. NC 1822?
0489BAILEY, Braxton 41Jane 30JOHNSTON, Jane M.?Rowan Co. NC 1840?
0699BAILEY, Carr S. 27Temperance 30
0621BAILEY, Catherine 45by 1843?
0451BAILEY, Greenbury 48FOSTER, Polly?1824?
0023BAILEY, Nimrod 33Nancy 34MASSEY, NancyDavie Co. NC 1843
0028BAILEY, Richmond 40Eliza 30FOSTER, ElizaDavie Co. NC 1841
0643BAILEY, Robert 37Elizabeth 37by 1835
0410BAILEY, Samuel 43Nancy 38DANIEL, NancyRowan Co. NC 1833
0642BAILEY, Samuel 35Sarah 29CHESHIRE, Sarah?by 1839
0663BAILEY, Wiley 36Mary 28CLEMENT, MaryDavie Co. NC 1841
0564BAITY, Henry 29Martha 24by 1847
0060BAITY, Mary 52BINKLEY, MaryRowan Co. NC 1829
0081BAITY, Mary T. 52JOYNER, MarySurry Co. NC 1826
0082BAITY, Sally 46GROCE, Sarah
0094BAITY, William 51Margaret 52HENDRICKS, Margaret
0222BAKER, David 68Rebecca 62JONES, Rebecca?Rowan Co. NC 1831?
0871BAKER, John 32Ann 27JACKSON, AnnaDavie Co. NC 1839
0243BAKER, Thomas Jefferson 29Elizabeth 33INGLIS, ElizabethDavie Co. NC 1841
0841BALL, Temperance 40by 1833?
0592BANKS, John 43Nancy 22DEADMON, NancyDavie Co. NC 1849*
0605BANKS, Ransom R. 32Sarah 28COPE, SarahDavie Co. NC 1848*
0981BARBER, Osmond 20
0168BARLOW, James 49Nancy 51by 1830
0173BARLOW, John 22Sarah 26by 1849
0116BARLOW, William 25Ann 24 SMITH, AnnDavie Co. NC 1843
0746BARNES, William J. 37by 1833?
0212BARNEYCASTLE, Elijah 31Mary 25THOMAS, Maryby 1848
0282BARNEYCASTLE, John 34Mary 26GULLETT, MaryDavie Co. NC 1839
0279BARNEYCASTLE, Pleasant 39
0696BAXLEY, Daniel 45by 1830?
0434BAXTER, HenryElizabeth 41by 1839
0321BAXTER, Levina 43by 1826
0390BEAN, Mumford 42Temperance 41LEACH, TemperanceRowan Co. NC 1829
0478BEATTY, William H. 27Rebecca 20by 1849
0277BEAUCHAMP, Anderson 37by 1839
0291BEAUCHAMP, James 32Elizabeth 26NAYLOR, ElizabethDavie Co. NC 1842
0290BEAUCHAMP, John 39Emily 24AKLES, EmilyDavidson Co. NC 1846
0872BECK, Adam 32Susan 31by 1844
1007BECK, Andrew 32Julia 32THOMAS, JuliaDavie Co. NC 1840
0238BECK, David 41Mary 35by 1837
0232BECK, Freeland 45Sarah 40by 1827
0937BECK, Mary 60CASHDOLLAR, Polly?Rowan Co. NC 1823?
0877BECK, Richmond 42Sarah 52HENDRICKS, SarahRowan Co. NC 1827
0558BECK, Wilson 23Elizabeth 28JONES, ElizabethDavie Co. NC 1841
0311BEEDING, Calvin 20Delitha 32[JACOBS], DelithaDavie Co. NC 1849
0328BEEDING, Jane 80SMITH, JaneMontgomery Co. MD?
0309BEEDING, Samuel 57Margaret 26BARNEYCASTLE, MargaretDavie Co. NC 1846*
0075BEEMAN, Elizabeth 41MOREAN, Elizabeth?Rowan Co. NC 1827?
0316BERRIMAN, Robert 48Martha 35ORRELL, MarthaDavie Co. NC 1848*
0322BERRIMAN, Sarah 50
0027BESSENT, Abraham N. 25Rebecca 28RENSHAW, Rebeccaby 1847
0530BESSENT, Carlton W. 35Rebecca 35CLICK, Rebeccaby 1844
0518BESSENT, Cassandra 29 HENDRICKS, CassandraDavie Co. NC 1843
0495BESSENT, William T. 26Elizabeth 25REPULTS, Elizabeth?
0542BINGHAM, Lemuel 55Jane 53MILLER, Jane M.Rowan Co. NC 1821
0562BLACKWELL, Robert 26Emily 20CHESHIRE, Emily M.Davie Co. NC 1849
0943BLACKWOOD, Elizabeth 70by 1819?
0671BLAYLOCK, Henry 46Roseannah 49PLATT, RosannahCabarrus Co. NC 1824
0862BOGER, Jacob 62Barbara 62HARTLINE, BarbaraRowan Co. NC 1821
0891BOGER, Moses 25Malinda 24TUTTEROW, Sarah M.Davie Co. NC 1849
0109BONER, Henry 31
0470BOOE, Alexander M. 29Sarah 26CLEMENT, Sarah AnnDavie Co. NC 1844
0889BOOE, Daniel 69Mary 66DEVLIN, PollyRowan Co. NC 1806
0409BOOE, Greenbury 42Elizabeth 39CASEY, ElizabethRowan Co. NC 1832
0250BOOE, John C. 25Eliza 26LITTLE [BEAMAN], LouisaDavie Co. NC 1844*
0875BOOE, Ransom P. 31Emeline 34GLASCOCK, EmeleneDavie Co. NC 1841
0606BOOE, William E. 23
0200BOWDEN, Caleb 34Mary 25ETCHISON, Mary
0216BOWLES, John 48Jane 48STARBUCK, Jane?Montgomery Co. NC?
0528BRACKEN, Anderson 46Anna 25(wife or daughter?)
0229BRACKEN, Mary 56
0920BRACKEN, Rutherford 22 Elizabeth 26JACKSON, ElizabethDavie Co. NC 1850
0760BREWER, George W. 51Elizabeth 45by 1829
0453BRINEGAR, John 45Ann 45BROWN, AnnRowan Co. NC, 1832
0427BRINEGAR, Thomas H. 34Elizabeth 23VAN EATON, ElizabethDavie Co. NC 1844
0343BRINKLE, John 38Nancy 26
0644BRINTLE, Robert 40 Nancy 38by 1835
0218BROCK, Catherine 52
0830BROCK, James 39
0160BROCK, Nathaniel T. 37Clarisy 34SMITH, Clarissa E.Davie Co. 1837
0210BROCK, Noah 46
0058BROCK, William B. 50Frances 43CHAFFIN, FrancesRowan Co. NC 1822
0224BROGDEN, Thomas 29Nancy 29SIMMONS, NancyDavie Co. NC 1841
0415BROWN, Daniel H. 34Elizabeth 32DWIGGINS, ElizabethDavie Co. NC 1840
0682BROWN, Drusy 57 (female)by 1835?
0690BROWN, Elvira 31
0164BROWN, Isaac 32Amy 30STOW, AmySurry Co. NC 1848
0927BROWN, Jesse 49by 1828?
0246BROWN, Joshua 27Sarah 20by 1849
0452BROWN, Thomas 42Margaret 40BRINEGAR, MargaretRowan Co. NC, 1829
0010BRUNT, William 37Elizabeth 34LUNN, Elizabeth L.Davie Co. NC 1839
0750BULLOWBOY, Hannah 58by 1814?
0751BULLOWBOY, Julius 39Elizabeth 36by 1839
0719BURGESS, Enoch 32Elizabeth 31SAIN, ElizabethDavie Co. NC 1845
0402BURGESS, Moses 51GRAVES, RachelRowan Co. NC 1833
0170BURROW, Catharine 67
0962BUTLER, L.Q.C. 43Amelia 23PRATHER, AmeliaDavie Co. NC 1845*


* probably second marriage for one or both partners

Most of the BAILEY families are listed in the census as BAILY, but appear in marriage bonds or other records as BAILEY.

Household 592, John BANKS 43; Nancy age 22, and children ranging from 19 down to 6. I believe this is the John Banks who married Elizabeth Garawood 1829, Rowan Co. and that Nancy is his second wife, Nancy DEADMON, Davie Co. marriage bond 1849. By 1860 he is living with Frances age 48, presumably Frances TUCKER, widow of Tilmon FOSTER, Davie Co. marriage bond 1856. If this sequence is correct, then Daniel Banks, age 5 in 1860, is probably Nancy's son. The rest of the household in 1860 is consistent with this interpretation, but I would like confirmation.

Household 279, Pleasant BARNEYCASTLE 39. Catherine BARNEYCASTLE age 60 is listed next - his mother? then Matilda age 18, Levi age 37, four children ages 7-2, and then Benjamin 22. From the order in which the household members are listed, it would appear that the children are Levi's rather than Pleasant's, and that Matilda and Benjamin are Pleasant's siblings.

Household 434, Henry BAXTER 41, with Elizabeth Baxter 41. John Baxter 14 is listed after Henry but before Elizabeth, suggesting he may not be her son. In 1860 they are listed as a nuclear family, with Elizabeth preceding John.

Household 311, Calvin BEEDING 20. He is living with Delitha BEEDING 32, and children ages 7 years and 1 month. If he's really only 20, then he's too young to be the father of the older child. There is also a marriage bond for Calvin Beeding and Jinsey SAUNDERS in Davie Co. in 1848.

Follow this link and also this one for more information on the BOOE family.

Household 200. Caleb BOWDEN 34, with Mary BOWDEN 25 and another Mary BOWDEN 12. Is the older Mary a second wife, and the younger a daughter from a previous marriage? There are several younger children also. In 1860 Mary is listed as age 39, however, making it more likely that she could be the mother of all the children.

Household 920, Rutherford BRACKEN age 22 with Elizabeth Bracken 26 and six children, ages 6 months to 9 years. If he's really 22, he can't be the father of the older ones. Is he the Daniel R. Bracken who married Elizabeth N. Brackin in August 1850, Davie County? UPDATE: the answer to this one appears to be yes; he is Daniel Rutherford Bracken, and Elizabeth was the widow of his brother Hiram Bracken.

Household 830, James BROCK 39. A widower; his first wife was Mary MAXWELL, and in 1850 he is living with his five children by her. In 1854 he married the widow Margaret CUTHRELL CHINN.

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