Families in 1850 Census, Davie Co. NC

0776DANIEL, Anderson 32Susan 26EASTEP, SusannahDavie Co. NC 1846*
0574DANIEL, Joseph 39Mary 45BURGESS, Maryby 1840
0800DANIEL, Josiah 41Hannah 41FOSTER, HannahRowan Co. NC 1831
0403DANIEL, Wilie 53Anna 35by 1838
0526DANIEL, Wilson C. 25Mary 30EARNEST, MaryDavie Co. NC 1846
0761DANIEL, Wilson W. 28Sabrina 24WILLSON, Sabrina B.Davie Co. NC 1843
0196DANNER, Jacob 55Sarah 56ALLEN, Sarahabout 1819
0657DAVIS, John H. 29Sarah 29by 1847
0998DAYWALT, Alexander 29Hannah 26ROBERTS, HannahDavie Co. NC 1841
1001DAYWALT, Caleb 33Ailcy 34CLIFFORD, Alice AnnDavie Co. NC 1840
1000DAYWALT, John 59Pena 59SEEFRED, Teni?Cabarrus Co. NC 1817?
0989DAYWALT, Solomon 33Mary 23SAFRET, Mary L.Davie Co. NC 1847
0549DAYWALT, Wilson 33Nancy 26CLIFFORD, NancyDavie Co. NC 1840
0805DEADMOND, Elizabeth 56by 1821?
0772DEADMOND, George 36
0756DEADMOND, Jesse 44Anna 38DANIEL, Anna?Rowan Co. NC 1829?
0745DEADMOND, Joseph 27Anna 18SNIDER, AnnaDavidson Co. NC 1847
0757DEADMOND, Thomas J. 39Caroline 32[HADEN], Caroline E.Davie Co. NC 1848*
0752DEADMOND, William 38Sarah 28CATON, SarahDavie Co. NC 1838
0509DEAVER, Nathan 31Ada 21NELSON, Ada Davie Co. NC 1845
0087DEAVER, Rebecca 52HOUZE, RebeccaRowan Co. 1814
0500DISMUKES, John 77Sarah 67CHAFFIN, SarahVirginia?
0610DOOLIN (DULIN), Nancy 43BAILEY, NancyRowan Co. NC 1828
0571DOUTHIT, Davis 37by 1838?
0183DOUTHIT, Stephen 41L.M. 37CONRAD, LisettaStokes Co. NC?
0629DRAKE, Greenbury 33Martha 23by 1847
0565DRAKE, Samuel 27Elenor 21by 1848
0939DRIVER, Warren 38Joy 29WARD, Joy?by 1838
0089DRIVER, Wilson 40Sarah 40GODBEY, SarahRowan Co. NC 1833
0382DWIGGINS, Ashley 45Nancy 30HENDRICKS, NancyDavie Co. NC 1849*
0859DWIGGINS, Daniel 71Ursula 65CREWS, Ursulaby 1817
0412DWYER, Gideon 48Mary 49by 1829
0954DYSON, Greenbury 46Edith 45WARD, Edith1831
0955DYSON, Richard 44Elizabeth 44
0957DYSON, Tiglman 25Sarah 33STROUD, SarahDavie Co. NC 1845
0956DYSON, William 32Elvira 32STROUD, Elviraby 1840


[ ] indicates surname probably from previous marriage, not maiden name

* probably second marriage for one or both partners

Household 610, Nancy DOOLIN 43. Is she Nancy BAILEY, widow of George W. Doolin, m. Rowan Co. 1828?

Household 382, Ashley DWIGGINS 45. He is with Nancy DWIGGINS 30, Lydia 21, Daniel 15, James 10, William 5 and Robert 5 months. Nancy is not old enough to be mother of the two older children. Was his first wife Mary HOLMAN, Rowan Co. 1827?

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