Families in 1850 Census, Davie Co. NC

0056EATON, Benjamin Fox 34Lucinda 37TATUM, LucyDavie Co. NC 1838
0085EATON, Benjamin Harbin 41Elizabeth 35TATUM, Elizabethby 1836
0257EATON, Daniel 23Jane 22HOWELL, JaneDavie Co. NC 1848
0883EATON, Ebenezer 31Mary 31HUNTER, MaryDavie Co. NC 1842
0015EATON, Joseph 36Eliza 35CORNELL, Elizaby 1833
0209EATON, Peter 32Ruth 32DURHAM, Ruthby 1839
0086EATON, Philip 22Sarah 21FURCHES, Sarah H.Davie Co. NC 1847
0876ELLER, Henry 94
0377ELLIOTT, Charity 75HOWARD, Charity1798
0046ELLIS, Isaac W. 42Temperance 41SMITH, TemperanceRowan Co. NC 1824
0215ELLIS, Isham P. 45Elizabeth 43MILLER, ElizabethRowan Co. NC 1827
0336ELLIS, Jeremiah B. 47Mary 36by 1836
0689ELLIS, (Willie?) Jones 24Frances 22ORRELL, Frances?Davie Co. NC 1847?
0272ELLIS, Pemmey 40 (female)
0270ELLIS, Rebecca 46WELLMAN, Rebecca?by 1823
0366ELLIS, William R. 26Amanda 19CATTON, Amanda E.Davie Co. NC 1849
0976EMBERSON, Eleanor 40
0997EMERSON, Silas 36Sarah 39by 1833
0616ETCHISON, Andrew E. 25Mary 26GODBEY, Mary?Davie Co. NC 1845?
0005ETCHISON, Daniel 45Rebecca 35SHAFER, Rebeccaby 1836
0097ETCHISON, James 67Elizabeth 55BECTON, Elizabeth?Rowan Co. NC 1817?
0278ETCHISON, Lucket 46Nancy 46SHAW, NancyRowan Co. NC 1826
0108ETCHISON, Perry 31Elizabeth 28CORNELL, Elizabeth AnnDavie Co. NC 1841
0199ETCHISON, Shadrach 53Lydia 49ORRELL, Lydia1818
0999EVANS, Thomas 34Sarah 29GREEN, Sarah C.?Rowan Co. NC 1845?
0990EVANS, Winney 55 (female)GRANGER, Winifred?Rowan Co. NC 1820?


Household 377, Charity ELLIOTT age 75. She is living next door to William and Elenor HOWARD, which makes me think that she may be Charity HOWARD, widow of Isaac ELLIOTT, m. Rowan Co. 1798

Household 272, Pemmey ELLIS age 40. With her are Samuel ELLIS 28 and three women ages 24-16. Samuel is too old to be her son. Are they all siblings?

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