Families in 1850 Census, Davie Co. NC

0260FEREBEE, Susan 39LUNN, Susan Lindsay?by 1834
0054FEREBEE, Thomas 41Catharine 32HOWELL, CatherineRowan Co. NC 1836
0774FORD, Cicero 29Sarah 27YOUNG, Sarah1843
0765FORD, Hubbard W. 32
0775FORD, John 59Tabitha 58[BAILEY], Tabitha1849
0463FOSTER, Anderson 29Julia 24CORNATZER, Julia Davie Co. NC 1843
0886FOSTER, Benjamin 22Emeline 22RILEY, EmelineDavie Co. NC 1847
0786FOSTER, Berry 40Mary 36by 1837
0148FOSTER, Charity 37
0793FOSTER, Daniel 62Mary 53DANIEL, Mary Rowan Co. NC 1818
0145FOSTER, Eleanor 86by 1811
0119FOSTER, Elijah 53Love 59BRICKHOUSE, LoveyRowan Co. NC 1826
0676FOSTER, Elizabeth 40?STINCHCOMB, Elizabeth?Rowan Co. 1817?
0734FOSTER, Elizabeth 51by 1822?
0589FOSTER, George 57Sarah 60TABOR or TAYLOR, SarahRowan Co. NC 1824
0030FOSTER, Giles 45Sarah 43BAILEY, SarahRowan Co. NC 1824
0146FOSTER, Henderson W. 21Louisa 21by 1848
0201FOSTER, Isaac H. 42Ann 32ETCHISON, AnnDavie Co. NC 1838
0569FOSTER, James 56Sarah 46GRAVES, Sarahby 1834
0749FOSTER, James H. 58Martha 49by 1825
0648FOSTER, Jane 54
0584FOSTER, Jesse 60Mary 52GAYLORD, Mary?Rowan Co. NC 1822?
0679FOSTER, John 26Rebecca 21WYATT, Rebecca?Davie Co. NC 1846?
0743FOSTER, John G. 25Rhoda 23CAUDLE, RhodaDavie Co. NC 1849
0305FOSTER, NathanTabitha 22CAUDLE, TabithaDavie Co. NC 1849
0560FOSTER, Radford 53Mary 49by 1830
0794FOSTER, Ransom 28Sarah 29DANIEL, Sarah ElizaDavie Co. NC 1845
0408FOSTER, Richard 30Eliza 35GARRIWOOD, Eliza?by 1846
0726FOSTER, Samuel 29Candy 28CAUDLE, CandisDavie Co. NC 1844
0459FOSTER, Samuel 50Naomi 43BOOE, NaomiRowan Co. NC 1821
1027FOSTER, Thomas 27
0577FOSTER, Thomas W. 26Louisa 23POTTS, Louisa Davie Co. NC 1844
0650FOSTER, Tiglman 49Frances 40TUCKER, FrancesRowan Co. NC 1825
0144FOSTER, Welden 49Zilpha 45by 1832
0665FOSTER, William 27Lydia 21BEEDING, Lydia MatildaDavie Co. NC 1845
0732FOSTER, William 44Matilda 34MINOR, Matildaby 1834?
0825FRALEY, George A. 37Mary 39SMOOT, Mary?Davie Co. NC 1837?
0823FRALEY, Jesse E. 35Nancy 33TURNER, Nancy1839
0669FREEMAN, Moses 35Rachel 39by 1834
0888FROST, Isaac N. 51Mary 40EATON, MaryDavie Co. NC 1839
0924FROST, James 62Mary 50by 1832
0783FROST, Samuel 59Jane 49ROBERSON, Jane?Rowan Co. NC 1832?
0653FRY, David 41Sarah 34by 1841
0666FRY, James 56Anna 40by 1828
0195FRY, Lucinda 25
0307FRY, Rebecca 22
0141FULFORD, Levi 30Eliza 40[MESLEY?], ElizaDavie Co. NC 1845*
0136FULFORD, Matthew 43Edney 43SIMMONS, EdneyRowan Co. NC 1827
0266FURCHES, Stephen L. 45Mary 35HOWELL, Mary1830
0267FURCHES, Thomas 50Elizabeth 41FEREBEE, Elizabethby 1830


[ ] indicates surname probably from previous marriage, not maiden name

* probably second marriage for one or both partners

Household 589, George and Sarah FOSTER. Brent Holcomb's book of Rowan County marriage bond records, and the marriage bond index on Ancestry.com, both give Sarah's name as Tabor for this 1824 marriage. Foster researchers tell me it was actually Taylor, which would be consistent with Sarah's stated birthplace of Currituck Co. NC. Several other persons named Taylor came to Davie from there in the early 1800s.

Household 676, Elizabeth FOSTER. Her age is given as 40, but living with her is Coleman Foster, born 1824, who was the son of Benjamin Foster and Elizabeth Stinchcomb who married in 1817. Is the age estimate very far off here, or is this Elizabeth really Coleman's aunt or some other relative?

Household 650, Tiglman and Frances FOSTER. Marriage bond Tilmon Foster and Fanney Tucker. Should the spelling really be Tilghman?

Household 195, Lucinda FRY. She is 25, with three small children, living with Ann FRY who is listed with an 8 month old boy.

Household 307, Rebecca FRY 22. She is with Elizabeth FRY 35 and three children, ages 13-4. Order of listing suggests these are Elizabeth's children.

Household 141, Levi and Eliza FULFORD. Levi is 30, Eliza is 40. With them are four MESLEY children, ages 17 to 9, who would appear to be Eliza's from a previous marriage, plus Mary FULFORD, age 2.

The name FURCHES is variably spelled FURCHIS and FURCHASE in early records.

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