Families in 1850 Census, Davie Co. NC

0018GAITHER, Asbury 25Elizabeth 21RICHARDSON, ElizabethDavie Co. NC 1845
0533GAITHER, Basil 42Eleanor 38SAIN, EleanorRowan Co. NC 1833
0153GAITHER, Burgess 31Sarah 22McMAHAN, Sarah AnnDavie Co. NC 1843
0448GAITHER, Elijah 34Nancy 21COMER, Nancy JaneDavie Co. NC 1843
0455GAITHER, Ephraim 41Sarah 38JOHNSON, SarahRowan Co. NC 1835
0491GAITHER, Mary 64SMOOT, Mary
0947GAITHER, Milton 39
0946GAITHER, Noah 31Emily 20RATLEDGE, EmleyDavie Co. NC 1846
0948GAITHER, Sarah 55TAYLOR, Sarah?
0106GARNER, Archibald 27Lydia 23REAVIS, LydiaDavie Co. NC 1846
0099GARNER, Benjamin 29Mary 25by 1841??
0870GARNER, Burgess 20Irena 22HORNE, Irena E.Davie Co. NC 1848
0692GARRIWOOD, Ebenezer 45Anna 42FOSTER, AnnaRowan Co. NC 1835
0747GARRIWOOD, John 51Zelah 45
0423GARRIWOOD, Nathaniel 32Angeline 25GABARD, AngelineDavie Co. NC 1845
0662GARRIWOOD, Samuel 46Rebecca 46COPE, RebeccaRowan Co. NC 1830
0951GATTON, Henderson 25 (?) Martha 40
0952GATTON, Matilda 60RUTLEDGE, Matilda?1802?
0465GAYBIRD, John M. 58
0647GHEAN, James 33Temperance 29KELLER, TemperanceDavie Co. NC 1844
0462GIBBS, Elisha 52Eleanor 42GAITHER, Eleanorby 1833
0982GIBSON, Gideon 67Dorothy 55PINER, Dorothyby 1817
1015GLASCOCK, James 62Sarah 58?BOOE, SarahRowan Co. NC 1804
0554GODBY, Edward M. 31Matilda 23by 1847
0828GOLDING, RichardAnn 74
0140GORDON, Anna 24
0474GOWAN, John P. 29Mary 22LUCKEY, Mary L.Rowan Co. NC 1848
0540GOWAN, Major W. 34Nancy 27CHESHIRE, Nancyby 1838
0475GOWAN, Richard A. 31
0161GOWAN, Thomas D. 40Jemima 36by 1834
0042GRANGER, John I. 36Elizabeth 35KURFEES, ElizabethDavie Co. NC 1838*
0430GRAVES, Alexander 23Maria 27POTTS, MariahDavie Co. NC 1849
0893GRAVES, David 35Sarah 26WILLIAMS, Sarah JaneDavie Co. NC 1841*
0796GRAVES, Elizabeth 53by 1830?
0555GRAVES, George W. 50Margaret 56by 1828
0598GRAVES, Jeremiah 29(GRAVES, Elizabeth)1845
0832GRAVES, Jeremiah 30Margaret 20SUTTON, Margaretby 1846*
0994GRAVES, Nancy 60by 1824?
0918GRAVES, Nathan 23Rebecca 26BOOE, RebeccaDavie Co. NC 1844
1005GRAVES, William M. 35Martha 45by 1833
0422GRAVES, Wilson 32Caroline 33BOOE, CarolineDavie Co. NC 1842
0853GRAY, Alexander 45by 1840?
0950GRAY, James 51
1004GRAY, John 56Ann 56by 1836
0193GRAY, Thomas 35Eliza 26LOCKE, Eliza?Davie Co. NC 1839?
0777GREEN, Ursula 90
0961GRIFFIN, Nicholas M. 22
0065GRIFFIN, Thomas 60Nancy 58LASH, Nancy?Rowan Co. NC 1826?
0214GRIFFITH, Charles 58(CHUNN, Cecelia)
0180GRIFFITH, Charles F. 21Sarah 17TAYLOR, Sarah1849
0973GRIFFITH, Daniel 26Dovey 24SWISHER, Doveyby 1845
0561GRIFFITH, Robert 23Mary 21SMOOT, Maryby 1848
0259GRIMES, Jabez 59Nancy 52BARLOW, NancyRowan Co. NC 1821
0088GRIMES, John 38Eliza 35by 1838
0928GROSS, Jacob 35Ailcy 39HARRIS, Alicyby 1836
0419GUFFY, Henry 45Elizabeth 40WALKER, Elizabeth?Rowan Co. NC 1828?
0622GULLETT, James 33Elizabeth 31CORNATZER, Elizabethby 1844
0134GULLETT, Richmond 42Mary 30SMITH, Mary A.Davie Co. NC 1848*
0739GULLETT, William 63


* probably second marriage for one or both partners

Household 106, Archibald and Lydia GARNER. They would appear to correspond to the 1846 Davie Co. marriage bond for Archibald Garner and Elizabeth Reavis. Was her name really Lydia Elizabeth, or is this another marriage?

Household 951, Henderson GATTON 25 with Martha Gatton 40 and four Gatton children ages 16-7. If really 25, he would be too young to be the father of the older children. However, in the 1860 census he is listed as age 56, and Martha is 51, suggesting that he's really about 45-46 in 1850.

Household 465, John GAYBIRD 58, with Malina 25, Elenor 15, Sarah 3 - whose daughter is Sarah?

Household 140, Anna GORDON, age 24. Living with Mildred Gordon age 12 and Masellies Gordon age 6. Are these all siblings?

Households 598 and 832, Jeremiah GRAVES. There are such striking similarities between these two listings that I think they may be a duplication of the same family. In household 598, Jeremiah Graves is listed as age 29, with Albert Graves age 4, Mary 2, Jesse 1, and Mary Smith age 60. In household 832, Jeremiah Graves age 30 is with Margaret age 20, Albert 4, Mary 2, Jesse 1, and Mary Smith 56. There's a marriage bond for Jeremiah Graves and Margaret SUTTON on 3 Sept 1850, but this was after the census was taken, and doesn't account for the three children.

Household 193, Thomas and Eliza GRAY. The oldest child in the household is 10, which is marginally too old to be Eliza's. This couple does seem to correspond to an 1839 marriage bond, however. Was Eliza really only 15 at marriage?

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